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I have been talking for a while now about a special project I have been working on (as last seen in our post, Modern Elegance Master Closet Inspiration). We have been working out the details of several rooms at a time and slowly buying furniture along the way. The concept for the bar lounge is really starting to come together, and I thought it would be fun to share the inspiration with all of you, Of course, things are bound to change throughout the process, but here is where we are to date.


My client was unsure as to how he wanted to use this space originally. He liked the idea of incorporating a wine cellar wall and bar but didn’t know if he wanted to use the rest of the space for more informal relaxing and TV watching or more formal lounge type furniture. As I tend to see spaces through their functionality (and more specifically how they work in event spaces), I was drawn to the idea of creating a bar lounge where his guests would start the evening and hang out enjoying cocktails and appetizers.

Our vision for this side of the room is to use the left wall for wine storage and the right wall as a bar. I want to give this whole space one cohesive look where the cabinetry wraps from one side to the other.

This room can be completely closed off from the rest of the house, and can therefore have a unique design while still staying true to the overall concept we are going for.

Here is where we plan to put the lounge furniture. Those draperies have since been removed, and I plan to give this space a bit of a sexy and mysterious vibe.

In Process

This is the layout we are planning for the furniture. Functional yet unique!

I absolutely love this sofa from Cantoni at Mass Furniture. This incredible color will really pop in the space and bring my whole vision to life.

Bar Lounge Inspiration

This gives a complete visual of the overall look we are going for. I like the idea of the space feeling a little bit like a club and a little bit like a home library with a swanky vibe.

I think from the beginning, the bar lounge has been one of the spaces my client and I have been the most drawn to and excited about. We are absolutely in love with the color and shape of these sofas, and can’t wait to see this room take shape. I am hoping to finalize the details of this room in the next couple of weeks and will keep you guys updated. For more information about our design services, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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