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As an extreme perfectionist, I find myself torn between my desire to share spaces in my home and the annoyance of feeling that they are just not quite done yet. I came to a realization this week that one of those spaces is sure to be ever evolving and thus will never really be finished. When we moved into our house, the current homeowner was using the space between the garage and kitchen (that had previously been added on to the house) as the primary entry / laundry room. It was completely awkward, dirty, and not a glamorous space in any way. More of a service porch feel than a front entry for sure. When we bought the house, we quickly decided to resurrect the previous front entry space (as seen in our post Modern Bohemian Entry) and went through the options of what would be the best use of this space. As we were able to remove the washing machine and dryer from this room and move it to a better location (our pantry), we decided that this could be the perfect space for a playroom for so many reasons.


As you can see, the room needed a major makeover. The exterior stucco on the walls was not ideal for a playroom, the flooring was mostly damaged (although I liked the black and white concept), and the shelf on the ceiling just didn’t make sense to me. When my dad mentioned to me that it would be a great space to store items we infrequently use, I responded, “That’s exactly what I want to see from my kitchen window … A bunch of junk!” I asked him if it was in any way supporting the roof and he responded with, “Not at all,” so I made the quick decision to remove the shelf and show off the beautiful ceiling above it. We also found out that one of the walls was corroding and majorly needed to be replaced, so we did that as well.

We ultimately decided to completely remove this cabinet although it would have given us lots of storage space. It did not have much shelving inside. It had a few weird cutouts in the front that would have been a pain to patch and once we removed the washer and dryer from inside, we realized how much it was deteriorating. Needless to say, it was a great decision. 

Like I said this flooring had to go … But wait til you see what I replaced it with!

Playroom Inspiration

Here are the many ideas I had for this space. Some I did, some are for later, and some are just so cute I couldn’t help but put them on the board. One thing I would like to add to this space (as my girls love to color and draw) is a table and chair set, and I love this retro option from Amazon.


The wall with the door is the one we replaced. A brand new wall, a brand new window, the door to the outside remained, but we had to put new siding on the exterior of the wall to finish it off. Other than that, we repainted the existing staircase and railing (but kept it black as I liked the previous look), used an existing exterior sconce on this wall to remind us that this space used to be outdoors, and added this fun easel from Uncle Matt and Tsering to create an art corner. My thoughts are to add a hanging display for the girl’s art down the road when they are done scribbling (LOL). I also would love to paint the easel tray and maybe even do a fun dipped leg. If I get around to it, I’ll show an update. I promise!

I thought it would be fun to add a little play kitchen just outside of my kitchen for the girls to enjoy while I cook dinner. Family members pitched in and got the girls this retro kitchen from KidKraft and some fun Williams Sonoma pastries and cheeses. Cara and Sienna love to feed their dolls in the wooden high chair. 

Ava is all about Barbie’s right now and loves to play in style with her favorite pink van and dessert truck … Where were those when we were kids?

I bought some fun buckets to house all of the markers and crayons since they don’t stay in their boxes for very long, and when we moved I realized we had a huge collection of wooden boxes which I’ve used to store everything else on the shelves. It gives everything a consistent look and adds in the touch of natural wood I wanted to incorporate.

I really made a conscious effort not to clutter the room with too many toys. I love the fact that the girls spread out the toys they are playing with but have a place to put them away at the end of the night. The open space is often used for somersaults, dance moves, and even stroller races. 


I can’t even picture this room anymore with that awful shelf hiding this gorgeous ceiling. Removing that was one of the best decisions as all the ceiling needed was a fresh coat of white paint and some track lighting, but by far my favorite detail in this room is the flooring we put in … Simple black and white checkered rubber tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc. It was the perfect flooring option for my active kids who love to play on the floor, was super cost effective, and looks great too! It makes me happy that the kids have such an awesome space to play in each day and even happier that I can close it off at the end of the night and have a home that is relaxing and not cluttered with toys. 

I know that this space will continue to grow alongside my kids throughout the years. I left it completely open to change and know that it will probably do so many times. It is a perfect blank canvas. I simply love this space and my three girls do too!

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