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Last year at this time I was busy creating rooms for my client’s daughter and son (as seen in our previous post, Casual Cozy Kid’s Rooms). Their parents gifted them different items for their rooms for the holidays and they were surprised by the fun details that were wrapped up under the tree. I loved the idea so much that I decided to do my own version of this in my house this year and used the holidays as my opportunity to give my twins a “bigger girl room” and to finally complete my older daughter Ava’s room as well. 

Ava’s room was almost done but needed some finishing touches to tie the whole look together. 

This space came together pretty quickly when we first moved in. We gave Ava our old nightstands (that my dad built) and lamps as they fit perfectly and were exactly the right look for her room. We bought her a new bed to fill up the space better and because we all like to use that room at night to read books before bed. 

We bought Ava this awesome new quilt from Pottery Barn Teen which was the perfect finishing touch. I love the soft shade of blush and the cool boho texture it brings to this space. She already had all the additional pillows and these fun patterned sheets which bring a playful element. Fun fact: These silver and white pillows used to be on my bed, and the striped ones I made from fabric left over from Ava’s second birthday party.

One of the first details I added to this room was this cool diagonal painting (Created of course by Angel!). Ava has since nicknamed it “the pink pyramid” and I still love it as much as I did day one. 

Ava was gifted this awesome teepee a few years ago from her “Grammy and Jojo” (as seen in our previous post, Transition to Toddler Room). She and her sisters love to play and hide inside. I added a furry pouf and some other fun pillows as well which just makes them want to stay in even longer.

This dresser has been with Ava since she was born. Her “Saba” made it for her, and it will continue to be a great piece for her to keep clothes and other things in as she grows.

During the construction, we removed Ava’s large closet to give us space for a bathtub on the other side of the wall. My dad built Ava a custom closet and while much smaller in scale than the original, every space is completely usable and it is pretty good looking as well. 

I added three canvases to this wall. Two from Ava’s first photo shoot and the last an original painting by Ava herself.

Here’s a view of Cara and Sienna’s room through the Jack and Jill bathroom the girls share (as seen in our previous post, Modern Bohemian Girl’s Bathroom). I love how each of the three spaces has its own details but look good all together. 

I corralled some of Cara and Sienna’s baskets in this corner and hung a special piece Tami gifted them from their baby shower above. 

The girls got new beds for Chanukkah (mostly because they were climbing out of their cribs anyway), but I decided to keep the mattresses on the floor for now until they get used to their new set up. 

I had fun picking out all of the bedding we gifted them as well (from Pottery Barn) and decided to go with a mix of boho, feminine, and sweet. Angel and I had fun coming up with this wall concept as well. It adds just a bit of edge to this space. 

I decided to use this basket between their beds for now as it was the perfect height and a great place to store extra stuffed animals and blankets. 

I repurposed the girls baskets which used to hold diapers and such (Fingers crossed they get potty trained soon!) to create a book corner on the other side of the room. The girls love picking out a story or two to read each night.

Angel created this awesome piece of art for the girls when we first moved in. I used it as the inspiration for the whole room. 

We moved the dresser my dad built into the closet, and I can’t believe how perfectly it fits in there (at least for now while their clothes are still so small). I took some time and really organized this closet. I love it when everything fits just right!

I L-O-V-E these pillow cases I got for my sweet girls! I can’t believe they are almost three. They absolutely love their new “bigger girl room”, and this mama does too! 

It makes me so happy to see the girls loving their finished rooms, and I love that spaces in my house are starting to feel more complete. I had a full vision for how I wanted my girl’s rooms to look, and I am so excited for how it all turned out! I tried to source as much as I could in this post, but if there’s anything extra that you would like to know where it’s from, feel free to click on the speech bubble below to leave a comment. I would be happy to share with you, and as always if you have questions about our design services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com. 


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