Written by: Lauren

I’m still unpacking over here … Who knew we had so much stuff? I am currently working to finish one room at a time and put away as much as possible each day. This week, I completed another space and took some pictures for you all to see. I hope you like my new closet!


I would be lying if I said that this wasn’t one of the weirdest things about the house when we bought it yet one of the things that made me want the house the most … This space used to be an entryway leading into the house and a front porch but was closed off by the previous owners and used (I believe) as a rental unit for someone to live in. Weird, I know! I immediately had big plans to open back up the entryway portion (We will talk about that in a later post.), but was secretly grateful for the additional closed space which was immediately behind the tiny closet in my master bedroom. A walk-in closet … If that’s not a selling feature, I don’t know what is!

Although this space initially felt rather large, we knew we needed to move the bathroom wall in order to give us hanging space on both sides and enough room to walk within. We ultimately decided to do this, and I can’t say I miss the one foot we took away from the master bathroom one bit.

This is the original master closet. I think just Scott’s shoes alone would fill this up!

In Process

My dad got to work framing my new closet. He checked the dimensions very carefully to make sure we used each and every bit of space we had wisely. 

Moving that center wall really was the key!


We had our tile guy float the concrete floor on the porch section of this space to make it all level and now you can barely tell it used to be exterior space. 




What do you think of the finished product? Keeping this closet organized is key since I am bound to be showing it off! I love the units my dad built. They make plenty of room for Scott and my stuff. Some of my favorite features include the fact that every hanger in this closet matches, the display on the top of our dresser with his and hers jewelry boxes, our fun woven black and white hampers, and this super plush carpet remnant I found that was just the right size. We also kept the paneled ceiling from the old porch in tact as a cool reminder of what this space used to be. 

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