As the first baby to be born in our family, our cousin Mika, truly has a special place in our hearts. So when her mom (who just had her second baby) came to us and said she wanted to plan a small and impromptu party for Mika’s first birthday, we jumped right at the opportunity to help. We worked with our cousin Lital (the birthday girl’s mom) “Side by Side” to decorate a party fit for a princess.

There are all these new babies being born in our family and three of them are related to each other and will always share their birthday parties, but for this year Mika is the princess!

Small touches can go a long way. We decorated Lital’s backyard with some party store staples and a homemade creation (that you might remember from our previous post: A Blog Birthday Party).

We added clusters of balloons in all shades of pinks and purples and coordinating birthday banners around the pool to make it more festive.

Pink tablecloths and these large tissue paper pom poms set the tone for a girly celebration. 

A party is not complete without delicious things to eat. The birthday girl’s grandmother spent many hours preparing all of these dishes. Among our favorites were the traditional Israeli salad with a twist (cucumber, tomato, onion, and a salty cheese that we are still trying to find the name for), pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes, and a broccoli cheddar quiche. We love to attend parties and find them as a perfect opportunity to add to our recipe books.

When selecting Mika’s first birthday gift, we couldn’t leave her newborn sister out. Each girl’s present was beautifully wrapped; a larger fairy doll in a big white bag for the birthday girl and a matching (but mini) doll in a small gift bag for baby Emma. We made a homemade card and a matching tag to complete this wrapped look. Presentation is key.

Unfortunately, nobody ever remembers their first birthday. Mika will have to rely on pictures for that. What’s important to a 1 year old? Being allowed to stick your fingers in the cake, and Mika did not disappoint! She dug right into this beautiful princess cake complete with tiara and licked her little fingers clean.

Happy Birthday Mika! We love you so much and look forward to helping plan and decorate many more birthdays to come.


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