This past weekend we attended our friend Sim’s baby shower. It was a really special day at the top of the Huntley Hotel with hot tea, mini desserts, and great conversations between girls. Here’s a look into how we gifted the new parents-to-be, Tobi and Sim, and their little baby girl to come.

Shopping for baby gifts is so much fun. We find ourselves ooh-ing and aah-ing over each adorable piece of clothing and accessory. When Sim’s tummy had no more than just a “bean” inside, we had a little chat about how she would dress her new daughter. She shared with us that she was not into frill and fuss on babies. Sim wanted to dress her baby in mini versions of her own style. These adorable Ralph Lauren “skinny” jeans from Bloomingdale’s reminded us of something she would wear.

The new parents-to-be are Aussies who love LA. In fact, they moved here a few years ago so Tobi could be closer to his beloved Lakers. Therefore, this onesie (also from Bloomingdale’s) will be a very appropriate addition to their daughter’s wardrobe.

Tobi and Sim love their dogs even more than they love Los Angeles. In fact, Tobi works in the pet industry selling pet products. We thought this book, “If I Were a Puppy” from Bloomingdale’s, was too cute to pass up with it’s silky smooth dog ears and tail for the baby to touch. It is fitting for a child who will inevitably be a dog-lover too.

This Blabla brand doll from AFK (where Lauren works) completes the gift. Besides it being cute, this brand makes toys that are not only soft and washable but organic as well, and we love the knit look.

We threw all of these precious baby gifts into a big black and white striped bag, fitting for a mom who doesn’t like pink frills, and tied it off with a black and white ribbon. The red sparkly tissue paper added a funky touch and was unexpected for a baby shower gift.

The homemade card was the finishing touch and included wishes for all three members of this family; mom, dad, and new baby girl. The quote on the front reads, “Flowers and children bloom when showered with love”, which we thought was just too perfect for a baby shower gift. 
We wish our friends, Tobi and Sim, the best of luck with their upcoming addition to their family. We know they will be amazing parents. We look forward to meeting their new daughter and seeing her dressed as stylish as her mom.

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