Written by: Tami

It has been two years since I first shared this special nursery (as seen in our previous post, LA Inspired Nursery), and in that time my husband Phil and I added another girl to our family who is now also out of our room. Yay! Of course like anything else, having two kids share a bedroom is awesome but has its challenges. One big fear I had is whether one of my girls or the other (unclear which I was more worried about) would wake up their sister at any random time of night or early morning. Another challenge we faced was with the current layout of the room and fitting two cribs into a rather small space. I think we figured it out though and are slowly working towards both girls sleeping through the night as well. Go us! Here’s a cute update from our LA Inspired Nursery …

If you take a look back, you will notice just a few small changes to this portion (Joie’s side) of the room. We are still over the moon with these painted palm trees created by Angel and our modern acrylic and wood crib from Pottery Barn Kids. You never know what doll / blanket / other item your kid will attach themselves to, and Joie lives for her best friend “Monkey”. We decided with her little sister moving in she should have something new too. Brand new gorgeous sheets (also from Pottery Barn) were the perfect addition to this room to give it a special new twist.

Here’s Sadie’s side! You might remember this gorgeous AFK crib from Lauren’s oldest daughter Ava’s nursery (as seen in our previous post, Nursery Design). Having two different (but both beautiful) cribs brings a fun eclectic feel to the room. I know Sadie is pretty obsessed with her sister and probably loves getting to see her from across the room each morning when she wakes up.

Both Joie and Sadie are super sweet with a little sass, and I think this room suits them well! Their dad and I both grew up here in LA which makes this theme fit even more perfectly. Sweet dreams my sweet girls!


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