Our newest series, Hosting at Home, is a place for us to share the creative touches we add to our space when hosting in our own homes as well as tips from us as event planners for how to pull off a similar look or type of event at home. These events are not fancy and super pre-planned like the ones you are used to seeing us do but rather casual and impromptu. The content of these particular blog posts is meant to inspire each of you to invite friends over for a last minute BBQ, to pull out dishes you haven’t used in a while, and to find those random accessories that help make your table look unique. Keep it causal! None of this is sponsored … It’s from the heart and straight to you from our very own homes. Enjoy!

Written by: Lauren

My friend Nelly and have been talking about putting together a Tacos and Tequila night for some time, and we finally decided to tie it into Scott’s birthday … Cuz why not? We had some awesome bottles of tequila on hand (Hence where the idea came from.), hired our favorite taco cart, invited our closest friends, and decided to make it a game night as well … But of course I couldn’t just stop there! When hosting at home, I love to put my personal spin on each and every event, and somehow they usually end up turning out a little fancy even when the theme may not be. Thanks to my in-laws, I had a quiet home the day of the event and really enjoyed putting the whole look together. I had ideas beforehand of course, but the finished look exceeded my expectations.

As a hostess, I always try to dress the part and fit the look of my event. In this case, I knew I would be running around, so I wore my favorite flats and a comfy pair of jeans but with a festive red top.

I put out a few decorations on my breakfast table to add an extra place for people to sit. Shh … Don’t tell! I took a frame I have and turned it upside down. Add a candle and some greenery, and you got yourself a centerpiece.

The main eating took place on my brand new dining table that I got delivered that day (Talk about timing!). To protect my new table, I put down this festive runner I have been waiting to use and some round woven placemats. A few candles and some fresh sage from my garden completed the look and smelled amazing. Here’s a tip … Find creative ways to use what you have on hand. No need to buy all new decor when hosting at home!

I set up stations in my kitchen with appetizers, desserts, and drinks each with a festive touch.

The tequila bar featured three flavors of Sesion (Mocha being my personal favorite which we drank at dessert time.). I filled a little leather box I had with all of the accessories needed to make your own drinks.

I created a cheeseboard to fit my theme as well (and because Scott loves a good cheeseboard!) …

… and a dessert display for those with a sweet tooth!

You can’t have a Tacos and Tequila party without tacos! We hired my favorite taco cart company. Their food is so good!

In our house, games and gifts go hand in hand. We are a bit competitive, but we know how to reward our winners!

A little celebratory treat at the end of the night is appropriate for every birthday! Happy Birthday Scott! Thanks for giving us all a reason to celebrate!

When hosting in your home, do what feels most natural to you while trying to push yourself a little each time to think outside the box. Until next time … Happy Hosting from Side by Side Design!


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