Our series, Hosting at Home, is a place for us to share the creative touches we add to our space when hosting in our own homes as well as tips from us as event planners for how to pull off a similar look or type of event at home. These events are not fancy and super pre-planned like the ones you are used to seeing us do but rather casual and impromptu. The content of these particular blog posts is meant to inspire each of you to invite friends over for a last minute BBQ, to pull out dishes you haven’t used in a while, and to find those random accessories that help make your table look unique. Keep it causal! None of this is sponsored … It’s from the heart and straight to you from our very own homes. Enjoy!

Written by: Lauren

For some reason, 4th of July sneaks up on me every single year! I always like to do something but never can get my act together far enough in advance to plan. Last year, I threw together a quick last minute get together at my house for some of my friends which seemed to go from lunch to dinner, and we all had a lot of fun!

The girls got into the spirit early and we put out some activities for all of their friends to come play.

Some beads were set out to make their own red, white, and blue jewelry to wear, and we set up a kiddie pool, a large bubble station, and our permanent trampoline to keep the kids busy.

For the adults, snacks and drinks to get the party going!

We decided to go with sandwiches for lunch and put out cold cuts and sides for all to enjoy. This was an easy set up, clean up, and made all our guests happy!

It’s nice to switch it up. Since we had cold food for lunch, we decided to heat up the grill and serve salmon, sausages, and other warm sides at night.

When hosting in your home, do what feels most natural to you while trying to push yourself a little each time to think outside the box. Until next time … Happy 4th of July and Happy Hosting from Side by Side Design!


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