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I have mentioned a few times already this month how obsessed I am with gift wrap (especially during the holidays), so you probably won’t be surprised that today’s post is all about this service we provide our clients. In fact, we are naming this week on the blog “Gift Week” … What a gift it is to be able to give during the holidays! We are providing designer tips for creating a cohesive gift wrap look, and if wrapping gifts is just not your thing … Feel free to reach out to secure our services for next year’s holidays or any time you are feeling a bit like giving. 

We feel extremely fortunate that this year one of our clients allowed us to take our gift wrap service to the next level. Not only did we get to select wrapping paper, ribbon, custom tags, and an overall cohesive look for the wrapping of several of her gift needs but we also curated the gifts themselves. Each grouping of gifts has its own look and purpose, but overall we created one look that tied them all together. Keep reading to see what I mean as well as get a few designer tips along the way!

Our overall look stayed within the following color scheme; green, black, white, and burlap. We threw in bits of plaid too! I am obsessed with these farmer’s market totes by Rachel Miriam (from the AliXRM collection) that our client is excited to bring with when attending holiday parties as a gift for the host. The personalization on each bag makes it that much more special … We chose “I’m organic” and “I love weekends” because the true LA farmer’s market regulars can totally relate! A large plaid bow, a bit of dried eucalyptus, and a custom family tag (created by Bo Jack Studios) makes this bag feel like a true gift. 

What’s inside? Only the best farmer’s market finds; a bottle of champagne, yummy crackers, dried dates and ginger, sun dried tomato bruschetta, fig jam, and an adorable pad to write down all of your shopping needs. Each party host will love to snack on these items or take them out the next time they are hosting guests in their home. 

These gorgeous MollyXRM totes were personalized for each of our client’s kid’s teachers and “wrapped” in the same way! You don’t really need to put a gift in a box when it looks this good. Just tie on a beautiful bow and make sure to include something that says who it is from. 

When hosting at home, providing your guests with refreshments and activities is really top of the list. Want to take it one step further? Give a little party gift … Who doesn’t love gifts this time of year? These boxes were wrapped with care (and a lot of green plaid wrapping paper) and topped with a couple of candy canes and a big black bow for each of our client’s daughter’s friends that she invited to her own holiday party.

What’s inside? An adorable personalized black and white Santa hat for each guest to wear and get in the holiday spirit. Oh, what fun!

A bit of plaid ribbon (used in a different way), silver bells, and some burlap string made these baby gifts extra festive. What’s inside? Baby onesies embroidered with their company logo. What a great gift for employees who are expecting!

Ok, so I didn’t mention shades of pink in my list of colors we included in our gift wrap this year, but when hosting an all girls lunch it is hard to not make party favors extra girly! We cannot thank our fabulous client enough for planning a party at Blue Plate Taco and inviting us as her guests! We are such lucky girls! We did, however, help with the gifts … A black leather cosmetic bag personalized in ombre (shades of pink) to say “Naughty and Nice” and wrapped with a green satin / sparkly bow, more dried eucalyptus, and bells. 

What’s inside? Lord Jones CBD products and a few other goodies … I guess she was feeling a bit more naughty than nice but then again, why not?

This holiday season, all of my gift wrap dreams have come true! I absolutely love how each of these gifts turned out from the wrapping to what’s inside and know that each recipient will be super grateful! If you are interested in finding out more about our holiday (and other) gift wrap services, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com. 


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