Last week (as seen in our featured post, Greek Mythology With a Haunted Twist), we shared details from this year’s Greek Mythology themed Halloween decor. We also mentioned that this year we once again planned a truly magical event to go along with this theme. Our vision while planning for this year’s Halloween was for the front yard to be mostly ruins. We wanted lots and lots of fog to make it so that you could see glimpses of horses and chariots, statues of gods and goddesses, and creatures too. Each of our five featured mythological characters (Ares, Poseidon, Artemis, Medusa, and Aphrodite) would be represented as well. In planning the party, we visualized these characters coming to life (in the form of full body painted actors) and for the decor and feel of the event to be overall fancy and a bit formal while still staying with the fun spirit of Halloween.


Our doorman from Steven Petrarca Events was necessary in making sure to keep this event exclusive. Only the fairest gods and goddesses in the land were invited to attend (aka 180 of our client’s closest family and friends).




Upon entering the party, guests were greeted with an assortment of Greek themed appetizers including ahi tartar on crispy pita chips, franks ‘n dough, olive oil and oregano marinated feta with roasted peppers and olives on Greek crostini, cheese and spinach spanikopita, etc. These amazing appetizers were dreamed up and created by the fabulous team at Tarte Catering.



Bartenders were dressed to impress and ready with wine and beer as well.



This large grass area was the perfect location to set up for guests to take a seat and have a little something to eat. We rented all white linens to give a pristine look and matching white chairs from Classic Party Rentals. Heat lamps helped with the cool Autumn air and a bit of fog (provided by Big Fogg) creeped its way out from the pool area for a spooky effect.




Each table was dressed up with white gauzy fabric (made to look like spider webs), bits of moss, these gorgeous ivy arrangements (made by who else? Kayla of House of Magnolias!), and a spooky surprise or two … rats, snakes, skulls, etc.



The photo booth was the perfect place to stop and snap a quick pic! Our friends at Cliques Photo Booth provided props (such as gladiator helmets, swords, and shields) as well as immediate printed keepsakes for all of our guests.


Kids activities consisted of laurel wreath making …


Olympic games to test their speed and agility …


Mini golf (because when you just got a new course in your backyard, you just have to play) …


… and just plain hanging out!




The buffet dinner was a huge hit as well. Tarte provided chicken skewers, tender lamb chops, moussaka, cauliflower / arugula and orzo salads, and a Greek nacho bar with all the fixings. The options were endless and so delicious!


As we mentioned, our actors (coordinated, costumed, and made-up by Taryn of Face You Beauty) were in attendance as well! They kept the mood light by striking a statue-esque pose and were the human form of each god / goddess represented in our front yard decor. Zeus made an appearance as well as a special treat for our hostess of the evening.






All guests stopped by the candy and dessert bar on their way out. There was something for each sweet tooth in the bunch! We especially loved these sun, moon, and chariot cookies and the large assortment of sour gummies. We used large urns from our friends at LA Circus, ivy, and some plants and rats to create a beautiful but spooky display.


What a fabulous evening! We absolutely could not have achieved so many perfect details without the amazing team we had on hand. Each of this event’s vendors made the theme their own and went to great lengths to make each guest happy. We especially want to give a huge shout out to Anya for her patience and expertise. We are already starting to come up with ideas for next year’s Halloween theme, but are completely open to suggestions! Please send your ideas to www.sbsdesignla.com or leave a comment below.

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth.


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