Over the past four years, we have been working to come up with new themes to decorate the front yard of this home for Halloween (seen on our previous posts: Haunted GraveyardHaunted Circus, and Haunted Hollywood).  As this year’s project quickly approached, we challenged ourselves to come up with something that would be even bigger, better, and more scary than the previous years. We even reached out to our readers and our social media followers to vote for their favorite theme out of the three we narrowed it down to (seen on our previous post, Halloween 2015). Once we settled on an overall theme, we began working together with this very special family and a team of talented vendors to create a Halloween scene like no other including large rented props, sound, fog machines, loads of lights, and the scariest characters we could find. What we were most excited for this Halloween though, was to not only create a concept and bring it to life in this family’s front yard for all to see, but to also plan a Halloween party in the same theme for their guests to enjoy.

This post is late …but definitely worth the wait and full of details from our Haunted Pirates display #sbsdesignhalloween (Party details are on their way!).

halloween 2

Only a few lucky individuals were let in on the secret. We always keep the theme under wraps until guests arrive. Those who were in the know were happy to dress in character … and get their pirate on! This pirate on the right had a secret of his own. He surprised his mom the day of the party by coming into town.

halloween 4

halloween 1

What’s more welcoming than a skeleton who died in the stocks and a sign that tells you to beware?

halloween 3

halloween 6

These characters were dressed to impress … pirate hats and scarves, ripped shirts and pants, and eye patches galore!

halloween 5

This gated area was used as a pirate jail complete with skeletons in chains and a guard who is holding on to the keys for dear life (or death?).

halloween 7

halloween 10

halloween 11

A large gallows is used to hang the famous fiji mermaid and her pet great white shark.

halloween 9

halloween 12

Are these real pirates? They might as well have been! They walked the walk, talked the talk, and even carried the right swords. Their skeleton make up was spectacular, and they kept party guests entertained all night long.

halloween 13

halloween 18

As the sun went down this Halloween, the pirates came out to play!

halloween 14

halloween 16

This ghost ship (which was designed and built especially for this event, and was complete with mast and real-looking seaweed on its side) was the real show stopper! Each pirate on board was placed with care and dressed to perfection.

halloween 15

This skeleton has managed to get away from the pirates aboard the ship but may not be so lucky with this large killer whale.

halloween 19

On his way into the party, this pirate stopped to play an original tune on his guitar … Can’t wait to share more from this amazing event! Stay tuned!

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth.



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