Last week (as seen in our featured post, Haunted Pirates), we shared details from this year’s pirate themed Halloween decor. We also mentioned that this year we planned a truly magical event to go along with this theme. You know the feeling you get when you are on Pirate’s of the Caribbean at Disneyland and you finally get to the part at the end where Jack Sparrow is sitting on a heaping pile of gold and jewels? Your eyes light up! You might even wish for a moment that you found that buried treasure … It’s all yours! This ride was our inspiration for how we envisioned this event to be. As you walk through the front yard, the skeletons are in rags, the over-sized pirate ship has a ghostly eerie feel like it may or may not be real, the jail is full of inhabitants who have been there for way too long. The party in the backyard, however, is an exclusive event. Only the richest of the rich pirates are invited. The rum is flowing! The food is abundant … and that buried treasure? It is everywhere in big heaping handfuls!


Our doorman from Steven Petrarca Events was necessary in making sure to keep this event exclusive.



A red glow set the tone for each guest entering the party. Small vignettes of crates and barrels were set up in this entrance area as well as cocktail tables for guests to use while enjoying snacks and spirits. Chef Jaydene of Delectable Creations had her bartenders and servers all dressed up in the pirate theme. Each appetizer was better than the next! Guests enjoyed pumpkin soup shots, rum soaked watermelon with goat cheese and mint, manchego and blackberry crostinis, and more.


The buffet style dinner was delicious as well. Items like fish ‘n chips and chipotle lime shrimp seemed appropriate for all of the pirates in attendance.





Each dining table was covered in black netting or red and white stripes and was beautifully decorated. We filled a small treasure chest centerpiece with jewels, gold beads and coins, and lots of candy (including Jolly Ranchers and Hershey’s Nuggets). Tea lights in glass holders brought a bit of ambiance while pieces of driftwood and cut succulents and air ferns from House of Magnolias provided a live element. A spooky surprise was added to each table to make it unique and so was a custom labeled bottle of “poison” for all to enjoy! All tables, chairs, and linens came from Classic Party Rentals.


The photo booth was the perfect place to stop and snap a quick pic! Our friends at Cliques Photo Booth provided props (such as bejeweled eye patches, pirate hats, hooks, and swords) as well as immediate printed keepsakes for all of our guests.


These tiki torches lead the way to the many children’s activities ahead …




… Funny we should mention ” a head”! This game of skill was set up kind of like the classic coke bottle one from the carnival but with a pirate spin. “Off With Their Heads” was exactly what the kids needed to do in order to get their gold doubloons.



Rubber sword fighting was a huge hit!



So was the parrot petting zoo (and not just for the kids)! The beautiful birds did tricks and were super sweet cradled in guests’ arms.




A “Tattoo Parrrlor” by Mr. Hoodbrush was the perfect addition to this event’s activities. Pirates and other characters could get custom airbrush tattoos of their favorite cartoons or a classic skull and crossbones.




You absolutely cannot have a pirate party without a treasure hunt. At the end of this guided activity each participant took home some buried treasure (their very own eye patch, beads, jewels, gold coins, and candy of course).




Just like the Pirate’s of the Carribean ride, this spooky soiree ended with heaping piles of treasure. Guests got to “trick or treat” in this overflowing treasure chest for their take home candy favor. Other treats were provided as well. Glass candy jars were filled with Swedish Fish (or “Live Bait”) and Pixie Stix (aka “Pixie Dust”). Bags of Pirate’s Booty and mini cupcakes, brownies, and cookies were available to snack on as well.

We absolutely could not have achieved so many perfect details without the amazing team we had on hand. Each of this event’s vendors made the theme their own and went to great lengths to make each guest happy. We especially want to give a huge shout out to Nadia for her patience and expertise. We are already starting to come up with ideas for next year’s Halloween theme, but are completely open to suggestions! Please send your ideas to or leave a comment below.

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth.

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