Over the past three years, we have been working to come up with new themes to decorate the front yard of this home for Halloween (seen on our previous posts: Haunted Graveyard and Haunted Circus).  As this year’s project quickly approached, we challenged ourselves to come up with something that would be even bigger, better, and more scary than the previous years. As this family lives in Beverly Hills (where many stars call home), we felt a Haunted Hollywood theme was the perfect way to go. We decided to take guests through a journey of the film process; from production, to premier, and even the after party. To give it a Halloween spin we made the whole thing set in an old Hollywood style with lots of haunted elements.

halloween 2014 065

halloween 2014 033

halloween 2014 035

Many large props were rented from Bob Gail Special Events including these eight foot Hollywood letters, two stage sets, a director’s chair, a life-like camera, large spotlights, and so much more.

halloween 2014 064

The first scene we created was “the set”. The director has obviously died …

halloween 2014 084

halloween 2014 086

… and a spooky scene from “The Birds” is recreated complete with telephone booth, woman being attacked, and lots and lots of birds.

halloween 2014 034

halloween 2014 058

halloween 2014 087

halloween 2014 088

The next scene is “the premier”. Trick or Treaters actually walked the Red Carpet to get their bite sized chocolate bars as skeleton paparazzi snapped lots of photos.

halloween 2014 050

This butler is waiting by the door to hand out popcorn and spook his guests. I wouldn’t “touch” that popcorn though, if you know what I mean …

halloween 2014 038

A large marquee lights up the space and introduces the film guests are about to see.

halloween 2014 031

halloween 2014 057

We set up a screen and projector to actually play “The Birds” while the skeletons enjoyed their popcorn in rows of real theater seats.

halloween 2014 018

halloween 2014 023

halloween 2014 026

These guys really made a mess!

halloween 2014 003

halloween 2014 008

halloween 2014 009

halloween 2014 013

The last scene is “the after party” set in the Eerie Acres Cemetery. A cheers is in order for two skeletons who really “stole the show”. An ode to the man himself (Alfred Hitchcock, that is) is created as we set his head upon his tomb with one last crow on top.

halloween 2014 089

This year, we not only had an amazing time putting this decor together, but actually got the chance to attend an event that took place in honor of our very own design. Lauren, Scott, and Ava walked the Red Carpet on their way into a classy Halloween party and we all enjoyed eating treats, taking pictures with zombies, and finding our way through a spooky maze.

We were blown away by the response that this display got this year. In years past, we would create the design and leave it for all to enjoy, but due to the scale of the project this year, we spent much more time at the house tweaking and preparing for the next event. We couldn’t believe the sheer number of people and Hollywood tour vans who showed up to see our creation. Thank you to all who came by. We are already excited to come up with an idea for next year.


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