When we were approached to help a family decorate their house in Beverly Hills for Halloween, we literally jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t be excited by the opportunity of decorating a front yard with spooky skeletons, over-sized bugs and spiders, and a lots of tombstones. We immediately began pulling inspiration photos and came up with our concept, “a Haunted Graveyard” which we had just one short week to bring to life. We have been anxiously awaiting sharing these photos with all of our readers, and know that it was well worth the wait.

The large grass area was turned into our Eerie Acres Cemetery. To complete our theme we incorporated approximately thirty different shaped tombstones, lanterns, and props such as skeletons and black roses. We also added strobe lights to give this area a spooky effect.

An enormous spider feeds on it’s prey on this extra large and lifelike spider web which was hung between two trees (along with a ghost, a skeleton, and a zombie).

We know kids were scared to approach the front of this house on Halloween night. Who wouldn’t be with a creepy butler who speaks and his life-like crows watching your every move?
Each of these awesome Halloween characters moves and makes noise. We love the orange and black spider that goes up and down the side of the wall any time someone screams.

“Side by Side” these twin skeletons sit, chained together and chatting away.

If you dared to visit this family’s home, you would first have to brave this large spider standing guard at their gate.

These gates add to the graveyard effect, and bones were placed to look as if they were coming out of the ground.

This zombie girl (who sings as she swings) is by far the scariest prop in all of  the decor. She is accompanied at the front of the walkway by a skeleton who died chained to the tree and another large spider on its web.

Although the haunted graveyard we have created looks great during the day, with the large amount of strobe lights and fog machines spread throughout the decor, it is truly a sight to see as the sun goes down. We hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We know we did, as it was spent doing some of our favorite things … creating, coordinating, and collaborating to achieve this haunted graveyard.

Photos taken by B&G Photography.


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