You’ve heard us mention that our in a BOX line is a custom gifting experience, and if you have purchased a BOX for a loved one’s birthday or another special occasion you will surely agree! Each gift is unique and tailored to fit a special theme, the taste of the recipient, and what it is that they are celebrating.

For holidays, our concept is slightly different. One of our all time favorite things to do is to bring a new fresh look to each holiday season. Therefore, each holiday, we bring you curated gift options that are on trend and perfect to gift another couple, a family, and we always throw in a boozy mini just for fun! Of course, you can also feel free to keep the BOX and its contents for yourself! We know it’s tempting …

Holiday BOXes like this Halloween in a BOX come complete with all of our favorite finds; the most beautifully designed paper goods to use throughout the season, bottles of wine (or really any alcoholic beverage), snacks, decor items and more! Looking for a way to celebrate Halloween this year? We know finding creative ways to celebrate all occasions has been a common theme of 2020. Stay in … But make it spooky! 

Once your BOX is delivered, take your BOX contents and create your own scene. We love to include banners with cheeky sayings (such as this one: “Here for the Boos”) that are prepped and ready to be hung, but this black and white striped tablecloth, metallic skull, and sparkle breasted raven have lived in our home for quite some time. The mix of old and new Halloween decor is the perfect pair. 

Here’s what we’ve got in “store” for Halloween:

Trick: $125 – This BOX makes for the perfect gift for another couple, family member, friend (or “creep” it for yourself). It includes tequila (cuz 2020), a bar of chocolate (cuz there won’t be any stealing of your kid’s candy this year), the most adorable plates, napkins, and a sparkly banner too!

Treat: $125 – Wanna set up something special for the kids? This is the BOX for your little monsters! Staying in won’t be easy this particular night of the year, but this might make it just a little bit easier … Create a cute table set up for your kiddos to enjoy a snack (costumes optional) with the most adorable Halloween plates and napkins, the snack itself, something fun to play with, and another sparkly banner of course!

BOO-zy mini: $60 – This is the all time perfect gift for the over 21 ghouls and gals to let them know you’re thinking about them! A bit of booze to get the party started, cheeky (yet adorable) napkins, sweets (It’s Halloween duh!), and a really fun glass for this cocktail and the next. They are staying in this year, right?

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Customized boxes are available as well starting at $150 (or two minis for $120). We are taking orders through October 24th. Get your Halloween in a BOX today! Contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com or call (480) 628-8264.


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