In our previous post, Team Maddie vs. Team Rachel, we mentioned a special couple on their way to holy matrimony. We are so excited that this Summer Rachel will be marrying her soul mate, Maddie. We are equally excited that they thought of us while planning for their big day and asked Side by Side Design to be their Day of Wedding Coordinators. Although, Rachel and Maddie are super detail oriented and have taken on all of the large projects themselves, we are anxiously awaiting making sure all of the details come to life to fit their vision on the day of their wedding (including some small details we will be creating ourselves). We will be posting to show how beautiful their vintage rustic ranch wedding comes out later this Summer, but wanted to first allow Rachel a chance to introduce herself, her vision for their big day, and some of the details they will include to make it extra special. 

Over the past year, they have spent many hours preparing for their big day and have shown to all of their guests how important each detail really is (starting with sending out their Save the Dates). They had a clever idea (one we have not seen done before) to create their Save the Dates on plantable paper. The plan was to read it, make sure to jot down the date in your calendar, and then crumple it up, and plant it. Ideally, beautiful wildflowers will grow in its place. However, neither of us has the “greenest thumb”, and thus we are still waiting to see something bloom (and may wait forever). We even had our Grandpa help us plant it as he does have quite the knack for growing things. Luckily, Rachel and Maddie have enlisted others to handle the flowers for the day of their wedding which are sure to be amazing. 
Written by: Rachel 
The overall vision I would say is that Maddie and I keep trying to think that we’re having a wedding, not a party where we happen to get married the first 15 minutes. So we’re trying to really think about things that are special to us and focus on those and let go of the other stuff. An example of that is that we’re so excited to be having people we know and love doing our flowers and not just arranging them but actually growing them. How full of love is that!? Here are some pictures they sent us last week of how they are growing. 
As for style, I would say we’re going for vintage rustic with a mid-century thread and a small-batch, artisan overlay. We poke fun that this song / video is totally the real theme of the wedding:
Our caterer is from America’s Test Kitchen and is also this incredible mixologist so look out for organic, local signature cocktails. Also … we’re giving everyone flashlights to do “onochord” in the ceremony (explained in the first 90 seconds of this video: I’m also pretty excited about my themed (vintage / rustic) hotel baskets. :) Oh! And we have really beautiful handmade rings that have our fingerprints lining the inside … so many things I’m excited about :) 
Thanks Rachel for giving our readers a small taste of what to expect from your and Maddie’s wedding next month. We are so excited to attend and better yet be part of the behind the scenes action. Stay tuned for a rustic vintage wedding extravaganza that is sure to be full of surprises and unique details.


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