Today is Robyn’s (Lauren’s Mother-in-Law) birthday, and we thought we would celebrate by sharing one of her craft specialties with all of you. We pride ourselves on using handmade cards and tags whenever possible and feel like we have our own distinct style (as seen on many previous posts including: Handmade Card Gifts and Giveaway). We do, however, have somebody to thank for inspiring us to do this, and that is Robyn. She is diligent about creating unique cards for each birthday and event (and even some holidays) and oh so humble about her talent.

We interviewed her to see what her style or “side” consists of when creating her cards. She said that she likes to start by selecting wrapping paper for the gift and using that to inspire her direction for each card. She likes her cards to have a cute look and be full of color. Most importantly, she mentioned that she really enjoys card making, in fact she wishes she had more time to do it. Here are some samples of the many cards she has given to Scott and Lauren throughout the years:

Birthdays are big in the Gwartz family. Robyn loves to spoil her three children and their significant others with bright colored birthday cards. As you can see, she keeps things consistent year to year by including the birthday boy / girl’s name and the age they are turning. This is a great personal touch. 

We love that Robyn signs the back of each card with her signature heart stamp, her name, and the year it was made.

She uses her Cricut often to create die-cuts to use on her cards as well as fun stamps she has in her collection. Even with an entire room full of crafting materials, Robyn finds herself constantly wanting to buy more.

Robyn doesn’t leave a single detail out. Even the inside of her cards coordinate nicely with the front cover and contain a special message for the recipient. Notice the adorable “Scottie” dog on this card for Robyn’s first born, Scott.

This adorable tag was made with love for Robyn’s soon-to-be granddaughter and once again was made to match the wrapping paper used.

Robyn admits she is getting into glitters, and we are so glad she has joined us! We love this simple yet beautiful card created for Scott and Lauren’s first anniversary.

She has also been known to mail her kids Valentines and even Halloween cards. As a pre-school teacher she cannot help herself! This Valentine, complete with homemade gift card holder, was sent with love. 
Robyn shares this hobby with her two co-workers. They enjoy shopping for supplies together while teaching each other different techniques along the way. We were surprised to find out that she is also inspired by us. In fact, she has started using initials (which has become one of our signatures) in her own card design. Robyn’s creativity and dedication continues to inspire us in many of our own craft endeavors, and for that we thank her. Happy Birthday Robyn! May this year be filled with many reasons to celebrate and create! 



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