If you have been following along … Here’s where our Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience gets really good! 
As we mentioned, many guests were in town for the weekend and called Viceroy Santa Monica their home base. For us, these past two years of planning has truly bonded us to this amazing hotel and their beyond dedicated staff … But it goes way deeper than that! Did you know, when we selected this location (over all the awesome venues LA has to offer), that they were preparing to undergo a major renovation? Pre-covid, we met with our contact at the Viceroy and actually had to sign an NDA in order to see the plans for their new design. Kinda cool to be amongst the first in on the plan! We then based our entire concept for the original Bat Mitzvah theme on a space we only saw in render form. Meanwhile, due to Covid, the Bat Mitzvah got pushed back an entire year from its original date, and as the Bat Mitzvah girl was now coming up on her fourteenth birthday, her interests changed, and thus so did the theme! 


The new design at Viceroy Santa Monica is fresh, current, and makes us feel right at home, but one thing we noticed right away was that in order to accomplish the complete look we had envisioned, most of the furniture would need to be replaced and many of the walls and some of the flooring too! We can truly say that watching this space completely transform into the world that we created is honestly one of the most fulfilling things we have done in our career so far! 

Here’s a crazy story … The first time we walked through the hotel after the renovation was complete we were confronted with our biggest challenge. This very large, very heavy bench! It is stunning and such a showstopper of a piece for the Viceroy’s every day occurrences, however it did not work with our event’s aesthetic. As we mentioned, it is VERY heavy, so moving it was not an option. What did we do? We began to hatch a plan to build an asymmetrical table that would cover it entirely. We are pretty sure the guys giving us the walk through thought we were nuts when we mentioned that we were considering this, but …


… It worked! Huge thanks to the Viceroy for trusting us and our vision and the beyond talented team at Nomad Art and Design for taking this idea and running with it! The table fit like a glove and was the perfect stopping point once guests entered on the “pink carpet” for pre set cocktails and pink wrapped sushi galore! 


The other thing we knew right away when we began planning this event was that we wanted guests to enjoy the part of the evening they were in thoroughly before moving into the next space / part of the event. We wanted to keep next areas hidden and unveil them as the evening unfolded. This was not an easy task (especially when the majority of guests were staying in the venue for the entire weekend). The lobby area was where the night’s festivities began with cocktail hour (and a half). 


Not sure how the venue felt about us turning the inside of their hotel pink LOL, but we had tons of fun planning out which furniture would stay (not much), which we would swap it out for (Thanks Signature!), and overall creating a cleaner blush toned palette for our event to live in.

White leather couches and ottomans and blush velvet seating areas from Signature Party Rentals were great additions to this lounge space …

… and the perfect finishing touches? Pillows in every shade of pink, tons of floral arrangements by Gathered, and printed canvases from our Bat Mitzvah girl’s pre-party photo shoot with photographer extraordinaire Scott Clark!


Another thing we knew we “needed” for this event was an IG corner, and this nook (to the right of the library) was the perfect place to make it happen!


Ummm … Can we say that Nomad Art and Design way over exceeded our expectations in bringing this vision to life! Where do we start? 

The neon “like”! That lips couch! The pink painted palms! The custom wall they built to fit perfectly over what normally exists in this space! It was all pure perfection!

HOLD THE PHONE. Oh, and the accessories were on point too! 


The Sugar Palm restaurant at Viceroy Santa Monica was completely transformed as well. 


A few traditional Bat Mitzvah touches went a long way (as this party was anything but traditional) like this custom Glossara. poster turned sign-in board by Nomad Art and Design. Have we mentioned that Nomad is an MTV VMA award winning team who has worked on music video sets for everyone from Katy Perry to this Bat Mitzvah girl’s idol Ariana Grande! Also, this custom poster was created in the same style as those made for her favorite pop stars! We are beyond lucky to have worked with this team and can’t wait to collab again real soon!

The restaurant we mentioned was turned into a full on arcade for the kids to enjoy during their cocktail hour complete with skeeball and other fun arcade games by Parties by Gems, a mocktail bar serving fun signature pink mocktails, and the most stunning Glossara. wallpaper we could have ever imagined!

As guests arrived they were encouraged to get a cocktail, enjoy New York style appetizers, and visit the “swag shop” (more on that real soon). 

We can honestly say that every vendor we worked with on this project completely raised the bar! It was a true team effort and each member brought their own creativity and innovation to this work of art! For example, these interactive models (who changed three times to fit each area of the party perfectly) were brought in and styled by Untouchable Events our mastermind for the evening behind all things sound, lighting, and entertainment. 

What’s behind those curtains ladies? Next up … The unveiling of our next space! The dinner portion of the evening!

All photographs were taken by Scott Clark Photography.

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