We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead. 

Tami’s inspired: In our New Year Resolutions post, Lauren and I shared our goals for the year regarding our business, but of course I have made my own personal resolutions too. It’s no surprise that when you add a baby into your life, with all the joy and love and excitement also comes HER STUFF! No joke, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the clutter especially because I work from home. What’s my New Year resolution? I know this sounds super simple, but honestly … to make sure that every night before I allow myself to enjoy a show or go to sleep I will make sure my home is back in order. This seriously has helped me so much this past week to wake up refreshed and ready for the work day!

What’s my designer tip this month? Start your year off with a clean slate! White is one of my favorite colors because its bright and clean wherever you use it. An all white office will help you focus so you can be the #momboss you always wished to be. Is it time to repaint those kitchen cabinets? Time for a clean slate! Add in a fresh set of flowers to your home every few weeks because you deserve it, and don’t forget to celebrate the #newyearnewyou with your favorite treat.

Lauren’s inspired: My motto this new year is “Work hard play hard”! I started off a bit rocky (no fun having food poisoning just before New Years Eve), but I am getting back to my normal self, pushing myself in business more than ever, and reminding myself each day to take a break to enjoy life along the way. This month, is again packed with tons to look forward to including a 40th birthday, our own birthday, a trip to Vegas, and a Bat Mitzvah Tami has been working hard to plan for the past year. I can’t wait to enjoy each of these special moments!

What’s my designer tip this month? Don’t be afraid to go bold! When I have a client who is deciding between gray and black, I tell them that gray seems like you’re scared to go all the way. Don’t take the safe route. Do something different! When you are bold with your choices your friends will notice, and you will be happy you did.

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month including a look at how we each separately and together celebrate our birthday, updates on the gorgeous interiors Lauren has been working hard on, a Bat Mitzvah we have been dying to share, and more! Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on February 1st for all new looks and inspiration! Also, check out our new Instastories feature “Designer Day!” @sidebysidedesign.


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