We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead.

Tami’s inspired: You might think this is a bit strange, but I am kind of obsessed with gift wrap! Every holiday season, I challenge myself to think outside the box and come up with new and exciting color schemes and ways to make each gift special. This year, however, I have really stepped up my game! Not only do my own family and friends get to enjoy my love for holiday flair, but Side by Side Design clients have hired us to create perfectly curated (and wrapped) gifts for their family and friends too! What a happy holiday season for me! 

What’s my designer tip this month? Add some holiday cheer into your space! Why not make your gift wrap colorful this year with fun patterns and bows … and while you’re at it the tree should match this color scheme too! No reason to go traditional … Think outside the box! Having a party? Create a home bar with festive (and colorful) options for all, and bring in some bright florals that your guests won’t soon forget.

Lauren’s inspired: What’s inspiring me this this month? Paper! Or at least that is what we are knee deep in these days (as Tami mentioned). Whether it be wrapping up presents for my kids for the holidays or preparing gifts that look just so for our clients, I simply love every detail and enjoy putting my personal spin on it! We have also spent countless hours picking out just the right wallpapers for my client’s Vail home which is equally fun. I really love what I do!

What’s my designer tip this month? The most gorgeous papers will finish off any room or gift you are trying to “wrap” this holiday season! People either love wallpaper or are afraid of it. I find there is very little in between, but get on board. It’s the “it thing” (again), and what the wallpaper companies are coming out with just keeps getting better!

Here at Side by Side Design, our holiday season is already in full swing. Some things to look forward to include all the details from a fabulous company holiday party, tons of curated gifts and gift wrap, a beautifully designed modern kitchen and more! Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on January 3rd for all new looks and inspiration! Also, check out our weekly Instastories feature “Designer Day!” @sidebysidedesign to see how we fill our days with the things we love.


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