Written by: Tami

Over the past several months, my fiancee Phil and I have been busy planning our wedding. I am not going to lie … some aspects of wedding planning have been easier than others. Finding the right venue, photographer, band or DJ, and dress can be quite a chore, but now that we have all of these larger items checked off of our list, we have had opportunities to take part in some of the perks that we have been looking forward to. Some of these perks include attending a Crate and Barrel registry event with the sole purpose of selecting items to fill our home and scheduling out our destination Bachelor / Bachelorette parties. Last night we even had the opportunity to indulge in a food tasting at our wedding venue (The Sheraton Universal).

Taking part in this pre-wedding activity is not only fun but is also super important. Chances are, Phil and I will not be eating much on the night of our actual wedding. This gives us the opportunity to not only select the dishes that will be served but also give them a try. Here’s what the fabulous Sheraton chefs treated us to last night:

food tasting 1

Creme of Roma Tomato Basil Served En Croute – For those of you who do not have a culinary background … this is a type of soup that was served in a phyllo dough crust.

food tasting 2

Buffalo Mozzarella – Sliced Roma tomatoes, virgin olive oil, and basil herbed greens. We are now trying to decide between this salad and another delicious option (The Heart of Bibb).

food tasting 3

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli – For our vegetarian guests, we were presented with this option along with a stuffed portabella and eggplant lasagna. What will we choose!?

food tasting 4

Focaccia Crusted Salmon with Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Absolutely delicious!

food tasting 5

Last but not least … Filet Mignon with a Port Wine Reduction – Phil’s favorite!

What was served at your wedding? Although we plan to spend almost the entire night on the dance floor, food is VERY important to us and we want to treat our guests to a nice meal. After attending this food tasting, we have full trust in our venue that they will not disappoint!


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