As many of you know, we have been putting up posts on Fridays on our blog for a long time. Although we tend to stick to the same topics when we post on a Friday (recipes, treats, revisiting projects from past posts, and our first Friday of each month being our Get Inspired feature), we never felt the commitment was truly there. If we had something additional to share we would, and if not not. As we feel strongly about sharing recipes at least once a month, we finally feel ready to make what was once our “bonus posts” a regular feature on our blog. In addition to our Get Inspired series, we will be writing a Food Fridays series that will incorporate recipes and other aspects of cooking such as a monthly Cook Book Club we have started with our girlfriends.

For this first official Food Friday, we have included three Summer salad recipes for all of you to try out. It is important to note that many of these recipes are not uniquely ours (we are huge supporters of Pinterest). We just know that at this point in time, with an important wedding we are attending only a few short weeks away, we are doing our best to eat healthy. Let’s be honest with this heat it’s hard to eat heavy meals anyway. The three salads we have included are all ones we have tried out, loved, and are reminiscent of the season. As fresh greens and fruits are in season right now, we have included one green salad, one all fruit salad, and one that incorporates both of these seasonal options. Enjoy!

Green Summer Salad – This delicious option that includes avocado, green olives, cucumber, arugula, and almonds was a favorite at our family Fourth of July celebration! 

Classic Summer Fruit Salad – We brought this fruit salad to yet another family gathering, and it was nice and refreshing on a very warm day! Just mix bananas, blueberries, grapes, pears, nectarines, apples, strawberries … you get the point, add whatever fruits you like! We like to top our fruit salads with a splash of orange juice and a little honey. Are your mouths watering yet?

Summer Quinoa Salad with Strawberries – This was one we made just for us while hanging out and getting work done one Summer day. Some of the ingredients had to be changed from the original recipe as we were just using what we happened to have in the fridge. Our version includes: sliced strawberries, quinoa, parmesan cheese, avocado, and romaine. 

We hope you have enjoyed our first official Food Fridays post. Sharing these recipes helps us to think outside the box and try new things when cooking at home, and we love that we get that opportunity. What is your favorite thing to eat during the Summer? Do you have a favorite salad recipe to share? We would love to hear from you … Feel free to post a comment below or share your thoughts and recipes with us through email at

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