It’s Friday! Time for one of our favorite things … food! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we figured this was the perfect time to share a special pumpkin recipe we created. Last year (right around this time), we used the recipe found here to make pumpkin fudge for a family gathering. Our Brother-in-Law has severe allergies to many types of foods and for some reason we thought this would be a nice alternative for him since he can’t eat regular pumpkin pie … boy were we wrong! It turned out he couldn’t eat this either, but it’s a good thing because we completely botched the fudge! It didn’t end up having the consistency we hoped for and ended up just tasting like regular pie filling without the crust. As you know (and we have mentioned in many posts), we do not claim to be the best bakers around, but we do feel we are two very creative girls. So, we took this as an opportunity to take another failed experiment and turn it into a delicious treat.

pumpkin 1
We began by filling the bottom of small plastic cups with broken up graham cracker to create the crust we were missing.
pumpkin 2
A layer of the pumpkin “fudge” was added to the middle. To skip a step, just add your favorite pumpkin pie filling.
pumpkin 3
pumpkin 5
Each individual cup was topped with Cool Whip and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
We ended up serving these pumpkin pie shots at another family gathering and we are so glad we did! They tasted amazing and were super easy to make. We hope you have enjoyed this edition of our weekly Food Fridays post, and that we have even possibly given you a new treat to try this Thanksgiving. Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe that you would like to share? Leave a comment below with the link or your own unique recipe. We can’t wait to hear from you! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!

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