A few weeks ago, we hosted a Flower Arranging Workshop for a bunch of our friends. Our floral expert, Kayla, brought a beautiful display of flowers for us to emulate for Spring. Although each of us ended up creating something slightly different than the rest, we all used the same directions to get to our finished product. Kayla taught us so much about flowers and the ways to properly arrange them including tips to use for Spring. She shared many tricks of the trade with us and has allowed us to share these tips with all of you as well. Today, we invite Kayla (a regular at Side by Side Design) back to our blog to share her tutorial for creating her beautiful Spring arrangement. We encourage you to try this out at home and above all to use Kayla’s most treasured piece of advice … “It’s all about trusting yourself to let it be loose.”


Written by: Kayla of House of Magnolias

This is a fun arrangement that embraces movement, balance, and color. Don’t be afraid to use lots of greens, let things take their own shape, and get creative with your own inspirations.

flower workshop 135

flower workshop 137

1. Tape the vase – Using special clear “water proof” floral tape, create a grid with 1/2 inch square openings on your container. Around the lip of your vase, tape the sides to secure your grid​.

flower workshop 139

2. Green the vase – Clean any debris from your greenery stems that will be placed in water. You want the stems to touch the bottom of the container. You don’t want any foliage in the water because it will decay and cut down on the life of your flowers. Use any greenery and foliage as the base of your arrangement. We want to cover up as much of the tape as possible in this step. ​

flower workshop 144

3. Focal point / flower​ – The following steps can be done in almost any order. However I find it is most useful to start designing around my focal point. Choose the largest or  your favorite feature flower. Put it in the front , facing you, and off center. ​ Here we used a ranunculus.

flower workshop 148

4. Add the snaps​ – Add in some movement by including line flowers that have a natural curve or movement. Here we used Snapdragons to give our arrangement some shape.

flower workshop 151

5. Add spray roses​ – Fill in the bilk of your arrangement with other mass flowers. Spray roses add a great texture.​

flower workshop 152

6. Add ​Ranunculus – Balance out the weight of the spray roses by adding a flower with a different texture.​

7. Add filler flowers.

​8. Fill in​ – Fill in any  gaps in the arrangement. Make sure any long linear flowers are balanced. Place a heavy floral feature in the opposite position. ​

9. Add buds​ – Add buds that came from your flowers to add a natural touch. If you are lucky, your buds will bloom!​

flower workshop 159

10. Add the last snap – This last step is to make sure all the flowers are balanced and have a flow. It’s okay to be a little wild and free!​


Thank you Kayla for once again inspiring us and our readers! We always appreciate the creative ways that you use flowers in every season! If you want to throw your own Flower Arranging Workshop? Contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com. We would love to help you get your girlfriends together to recreate this awesome event in a new way.

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