Written by: Tami

Wow! I can’t even begin to tell you all what a roller coaster ride last weekend was for me and my family, but I’ll give you a small taste … I will say I have been planning Joie’s first birthday party for the last couple of months, but the truth is I started pulling inspiration for this special day really soon after she was born. What? I do this for a living! As we got closer to the day, I fine tuned each detail, and so many small aspects of the design I even created myself. As an event planner, I like to say I have thought of everything, but the truth is some things are out of our control (even for me!). I tell my clients when planning for really big days like weddings and Bar / Bat Mitzvahs that no matter what, it is inevitable, something will go wrong. Probably more than one thing. Boy, was I right! In the case of my daughter’s first birthday party, there was rain in the forecast, the park we selected went under construction, so did the room we secured as our back up plan (at the last minute), and we were forced to come up with a back up for our back up. That’s a lot for a new mom to take on! In the end, I cried a little (full disclosure) tried to laugh it off, and went in the morning of to a room I had never seen before to set up for the party, but it’s a good thing that I do love a challenge!

With all that said, Joie’s first fiesta birthday party was perfect, and not because of the location or all of the planning we did to prepare. It was perfect because all of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate with us and because Joie had so much fun! Here are the details:

These cute sayings welcomed all of our guests in to “Joie’s First Fiesta”! In my opinion, every party needs a good theme!

I embellished Joie’s welcome sign and a cute sombrero with silk flowers to soften them up and give them a girly feel.

I’m all about layering buntings right now, and proud to say I made two out of three of these myself!

A little family photo shoot is in order when celebrating a special day! Wear the decor? Why not! Joie’s perfect party dress was from Cleobella … I have been holding onto it for quite some time! Doesn’t it go perfect with this theme?

When planning the decor, I knew I wanted to go with a lot of pink to soften the whole look overall. Fresh florals also helped to do the trick!

A mix of Spring flowers in shades of pink and yellow almost made me forget about the rain, but these mini avocado pinatas were my favorite detail of all. So sentimental of Joie’s favorite food and so cute too!

I purchased metallic gold party plates and wrapped each rolled set of silverware up with a tiny bit of twine to dress up our buffet as well.

What else do you have at a fiesta? Tacos!

These handmade maracas (designed by yours truly) served two purposes. They were super fun to shake during our music time with Joie’s Uncle Aaron and were fun for the kids to take home too!

I recreated one of my favorite treats for all of our guests … Fruit cups with a chili lime rim. Yum!

We set up a dessert bar to meet everyone’s individual sweet tooth needs, but with these custom cookies made by Joie’s Aunt Ashlee as the main feature. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Joie’s smash cake (also made by Ashlee) was slightly “naked” on the outside but filled with pink funfetti inside. I couldn’t help but buy this awesome fringed topper for the occasion!

More flowers and lots of treats made by Joie’s loved ones finished off our display!

Phil and I made a little speech thanking everyone for their support over the past year, helped Joie to blow out her candle, and she got to tasting. I don’t think she liked it at all! What do you think?

As I mentioned, we could not have done this alone and have so many family and friends to thank for their support throughout the past year and on this day. Lauren’s girls helped to celebrate in style (with the theme in mind, of course!), and Joie’s “Aunt Squad” was in full effect that day too!

Although it has flown by, we have tried over the past year to celebrate each new milestone with our little girl. Before we know it, she will be two and we will be party planning all over again! Happy Birthday Joie Abigail! Your dad and I love you very much and already see the amazing person that you are!

What I didn’t tell you in my crazy story at the beginning of this post is that my partner in crime (Lauren, duh!) was doing her own party planning this past weekend. Saturday we celebrated Joie, and Sunday we celebrated Cara and Sienna (Lauren’s twin girls). Crazy, huh? Check back next week to see how all of the details from their party turned out!


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