During the eight nights of Chanukkah, we love to celebrate with friends and family, eat lots of latkes, and give out beautifully wrapped gifts. However, this time of year we are always so busy with the holidays that we have to remind ourselves to stop and remember all of the things that make Chanukkah so special. Here are eight things that made us smile during these eight crazy nights so far:

#1: Lighting the candles together. Just three of us on the third night made for a nice intimate gathering.
#2: Celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as usual. Grandma loves to tell stories from her childhood and how there was always a blue and white stocking hanging on her fireplace. This has remained her tradition to this day. 
#3: Eating delicious latkes. Our Grandpa is by far the best latke chef we know as his latkes are crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. We like them best topped with sour cream and sugar.

#4: Giving and receiving gifts. This particular table (found at Grandma’s house) has been lovingly called the present table as that is what it is often used for. Many family birthdays and Chanukkah celebrations have been spent around this table.

#5: Spinning the dreidel. This assortment of dreidels was a beautiful display found at a Chanukkah party we attended.

#6: Singing Chanukkah songs. Tami’s sixth grade class created a music video for their Chanukkah celebration called “Being Jewish is a Part of Me” to the tune of Katy Perry’s “This is a Part of Me”. Through music and student written catchy lyrics, the sixth grade class was able to teach their peers about the Chanukkah story and standing up to bullies.

#7: Being creative! Here are two Chanukkah projects made by kids this year. It means so much more to a child when they are able to spin a dreidel or light a menorah that they made themselves.

#8: Having fun! The stage is set for a big Chanukkah show. Watching kids sing and dance to Chanukkah songs put a huge smile on many faces this year.

Eight more things for eight nights can be seen here. Take a look back at last year’s post for more fun filled Chanukkah ideas.


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