With the start of Spring this past Friday and Easter coming up, baskets full of fresh fruits and other goodies seem to be in season. Today, we are showcasing some very special gift baskets that we put together and are perfect for Spring. We will take you through the steps we took to make our own vision come to life sharing tips along the way for those of you hoping to create your own Spring gift baskets.

gift bags 001

The first step was to gather all of the materials we needed. Some things like the basket itself, a nice smelling candle, and a container of mixed nuts can be purchased ahead of time as they don’t expire (or not so quickly at least). We found all of these items at our local Marshalls. It helped to keep our options open for what we wanted to fill our baskets with as you never know what you might find in these types of stores. Other items such as fresh fruit and flowers were gathered immediately before the baskets were assembled so they would not perish.

cards 28

The next step was to create our signature handmade cards for each basket recipient. We included pops of beautiful Spring colors such as hot pink and yellow to an otherwise navy, gold, and silver color scheme. Each card was finished off with a gold cursive initial.

gift bags 004

To make each basket look full to the top, we covered the bottom with paper filler. This had a really cool effect in these simple wire baskets. We then placed each of our purchased items on top of the filler creating a nice display with a large variety of fruit. Other items you could use include “things to keep” such as a picture frame, a bottle of champagne, or anything else that is personal to the recipient.

gift bags 008

gift bags 007

We then wrapped each basket in clear cellophane and tied them off with large gold bows. The cards we made were attached as well.

gift bags 006

Our favorite design element of these particular baskets were the white tulips that we added at the end. They really helped to make these gifts even more special and added a fresh touch which is perfect for Spring.

Whether you are putting together a basket of treats to give this Easter or looking for a special gift for any event you have coming up, keep these tips in mind and remember a handmade card, a bunch of fresh flowers, and the basket itself make it so that your gift basket will be remembered for more than just what’s inside.



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