About a year ago, Tami took on a really fun project. Gallery walls are all the rage right now, and she was dying to add one to her space. Since then (as you know) she has made a move to a new apartment and her gallery wall that she had started collecting for is finally complete, but that is not to say that the process was an easy one. In this post, we would like to take you through Tami’s steps towards creating her own gallery wall and give some tips along the way for those of you hoping to create your own.

gallery 1

The first step was to collect prints and frames that all went together in one cohesive look. Tami started by purchasing this adorable watercolor flamingo that she had been obsessing over for a long time. Chandeliers have always been a favorite of Tami’s, but ironically she has never owned one. However, a few years ago Tami splurged on two photographs of gorgeous chandeliers (seen on our previous post, Revisisting: Gothic Shabby Chic Apartment). To stick with the theme of “Tami’s favorite things”, she added two more watercolor prints that were LA inspired to last year’s Chanukkah wish list. Her family was more than happy to gift these two additions to her gallery wall as they knew it was something she truly wanted. Next, she collected different sized black and white frames from all over (including Aaron Brothers, Ross, and Michael’s). She decided to throw in a couple glossy frames for a chic effect.

gallery 2

gallery 3

gallery 4

The next step was to add text to the gallery wall. Tami decided to use a quote that was currently speaking to her life in her new space as a way to tie the whole wall together. Tami hopes to always “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”. Each letter was hand stenciled by Tami herself onto canvas paper.

parisian living 004

parisian living 005

parisian living 008

Painters tape is one of Tami’s best friends. It truly served its purpose in this project as well. Together, we placed tape around each frame and then used it to map out the gallery wall. As this was our first time doing something like this, we definitely learned a lot! Here’s a big tip from someone who learned it the hard way: Make sure to measure very carefully ahead of time. We ended up moving the tape several times until it was in the right spot. Luckily painter’s tape is easily removed and replaced, and although this was annoying it was worth it in the end.

parisian living 010

parisian living 012

parisian living 015

parisian living 016

Once we got each piece in place, we were able to step back and see how it all looks together. We love the watercolor details throughout, the small pops of color, and the all black and white frames. Tami is so excited to finally have this gallery wall as a permanent part of her home and can’t wait to share the rest of her space with all of you. Check back on Wednesday for a look at Tami’s Parisian living space.


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