In our previous post DIY: A Walk Down the Aisle we wrote, “DIY (Do It Yourself), a term used a lot in wedding blogs and magazines, is a great way to put a personal touch on traditional parts of a wedding ceremony.” However, in preparation for Rachel and Maddie’s rustic, vintage wedding (which was this weekend) we have felt the need to give even the most traditional aspects of this wedding a little rustic twist.

Traditionally, the Flower Girl throws flower petals as they walk down the aisle. This non-traditional option requires just a few easily accessible crafting materials including; printed paper, craft paper, a heart diecut, tea, and a paint brush. Follow these easy steps to DIY:

1. We created this “love” printed paper ourselves and used a heart diecut to make something fun for the Flower Girl to throw.
2. Brew a cup of tea as you would usually do. 
3. Line up the paper hearts on a few layers of paper towels, so the tea will not soak through.  
4. Tea stain each heart by applying a gentle coat of tea to each one with a paint or sponge brush.
5. Mix with craft paper heart cutouts to give variety. 
This past weekend, the flower girl carried a basket as usual, but surprised the guests when these adorable, small hearts floated out of her hands instead of flower petals.  
Rachel and Maddie’s wedding had not one, but two Ring Bearers (one for each ring). As a twist on the traditional Ring Bearer pillow, we created these burlap wrapped hearts to house the rings using burlap string, a wooden heart box top, a hot glue gun, and a little bit of embellishment. Follow these easy steps to DIY:
1. Wrap the wooden box top with burlap string until completely covered and plush. Changing up your wrapping pattern every once in a while will give it more texture and depth. You will need to use a hot glue gun to secure the string every once in a while.
2. After completing the wrapping process, tie an extra piece of burlap string in a bow to attach the rings to. We added these adorable scrapbook embellishments (in the wedding’s colors) to ours to personalize them a bit.
We had such a wonderful time this past weekend coordinating Rachel and Maddie’s wedding and can’t wait to share more details with all of you. Check back later in the month to see how their rustic, vintage wedding vision came to life.

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