Written by: Tami

Every once in a while, we get challenged to do something completely out of our comfort zone. As you all know, we specialize in two areas, interior design and event planning, so creating the design for a teenager’s bedroom is not really out of the ordinary. However, this particular teenager was made up for the filming of a music video. We had the pleasure of working on this project with Rich Kane and Jason Daks (my brother-in-law) and their production company @cosmiclakeentertainment. Keep an eye out this August for the newest single by Tim Schou. Here are a few looks at what we accomplished.

As you can see, this bedroom already had a lot of character. We created a story line to help focus ourselves that this was a teenage girl still sleeping in her childhood bedroom. Of course, her favorite color was pink and we incorporated a lot of it.

With a tight budget and a short turn around time to get materials together, we turned to our favorite source for just about everything … Amazon! We knew the best way to transform this room to its new color story was to change out the bedding and added in lots of ruffles and faux fur to make things fun and interesting.



Other items we purchased were stuffed animals, throw blankets and pillows, a dreamcatcher, and this pink faux rug that gave the existing ottoman a whole new look. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to travel to the filming destination on the day of production, but Jason did a fabulous job of making our vision come to life. I know that he and his team have worked really hard on this project and we all can’t wait to see the finished product! 


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