When we think about celebrating Valentine’s Day, treats are always involved. We can remember back to when we were in elementary school. This holiday was filled with treats; classroom parties with pink cupcakes and heart shaped cookies and exchanging Valentine’s stuffed with Conversation Hearts. Our parents knowing they would pick us up all hyped up on sugar. As a teacher, Tami has continued this tradition, which makes Valentine’s Day the perfect excuse to have a school bake sale. At least if the kids are going to be on a full-day sugar high, we can fund raise for field trips at the same time.

As part of getting people involved in this event, the school’s Student Council had a brilliant idea. They invited all students to participate in a cupcake contest with a prize (of course). 

One of each of the batches of cupcakes that were entered in the contest were set aside for the Student Council members to judge. The cupcakes came in a variety of flavors and themes including; Angry Birds, “Sprinkles Cupcakes” knock-offs, and Candy Land inspired cupcakes covered in sweets. The winners were chosen based on taste and look.

A second grader won the contest. She created a cupcake version of her own family tree complete with potato chip and pretzel hair and jelly bean eyes. As her class has been studying family trees in Social Studies, this was a perfect way to reinforce her learning at home.

As the contest was for students only, Tami was not able to enter. She, of course, did not want to go up against her students anyways, but did want to contribute to such a good cause. We created these adorable cupcake cones to donate to the bake sale and the students loved them! What could be bad about a cupcake in a cone that looks like a real ice cream sundae? We even dyed the cupcake batter with green food coloring and added mint flavor and mini chocolate chips to make it more authentic. We also added white frosting as the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a maraschino cherry.

This mini ice cream sundae is not ice cream at all. We made a small cake out of the leftover batter to have for dessert that night, as we did not want to miss out on this special treat. We feel strongly that the concept of a cupcake contest and bake sale is a great way to get more people involved for a good cause, and we are so glad we were able to participate.


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