Our Craft Club is made up of a group of creative professionals. Although we find ourselves in a variety of different fields (everything from production, to law, to education, to design), what we do have in common is our busy schedules. We have decided as a group that we will all take turns hosting our monthly meetings and this week, we had the pleasure of hosting in Lauren’s home. As always, we worked “Side by Side” to do all that is expected of a host; set up a place for our guests to work and provide nourishment for while they complete their craft.

To keep with the Valentine’s theme, Lauren prepared her buffet area with heart shaped candles, hot pink napkins, and beautiful flowers. As always, guests brought eats and treats to share that followed a common theme of this time of year … baked goods. 
On our weekly walk to the Farmer’s Market (as mentioned on our post, Cooking Side by Side: Healthy Eating in the New Year), we picked up this delicious spinach bread with complimentary spreads. They were a huge hit!
This month’s theme was left a bit open-ended. As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, each Craft Club member created something “heart”felt.
These handmade Valentine’s were made by our girl Hannah of Hey! Shiny Objects! You can check out more photos on her creative blog from this month’s Craft Club meeting … coming soon!
Lauren created these special Valentine’s for the two loves of her life (her husband and her little girl) with a touch of tissue paper, Mod Podge, and other embellishments.
Tami and her friend Arin made these handmade pins as a fun crafted addition to a party they are throwing next weekend. Check out our upcoming post to find out more …
We truly look forward to spending time with our Craft Club girls every month and creating something new, whether it be fun cards to pass out, a decor item for our homes, or a crafted edition to any themed party. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, we hope we have inspired you to create your own Valentine’s projects. Keep crafting!

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