Now that we are three months in, Craft Club has officially become a monthly event in our lives (as well as our friends). This week we had the honor of hosting this event at Lauren’s home as each of our guests created place cards for their very own Thanksgiving tables.

During the month that passes between the last Craft Club meeting and the next, many members post inspiration photos to their “Craft Club” Pinterest boards as a way of sharing ideas with other members. Here are some Pinterest photos that we (along with our friends) got inspired by for this month’s craft project:

Pine Cones and Ribbon

Crafty Paper Details

Fall Leaves and Gold Spray Paint

Decorative Frames and Chalkboard Paint

As the hosts, our responsibilities were to set up a place for our guests to work and provide a few snacks for them to eat. Often times our meetings are after a long day at work, and as we all get hungry at this time, the girls are always very good about also bringing their own snacks / drinks to share. Needless to say, our potlucks are never lacking in taste or variety. 

As the hosts, we wanted to start off the potluck with a festive Fall feeling. We prepared three Fall inspired treats for our guests: apple cider sangria, turkey cranberry wraps, and cranberry orange bars for dessert. (Check out Friday’s bonus post for a closer look at some of these delicious recipes.) One of our club members even brought this amazing scotch chocolate cake that was homemade by her sister.

To an outsider, the Craft Club table may look like a huge mish mosh of random materials. However, we pride ourselves in saying that our members are very creative and always turn what may look like a little bit of this and a little bit of that into a masterpiece. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get caught up in each other’s lives and even occasionally make a new friend.

Bits of ribbon, mini pinecones, and glittered leaves were found on a few of our guests place cards. We are sure their families will love to add these creations to their Thanksgiving tables when each girl travels home for the holiday.

Another friend of ours will be celebrating her Thanksgiving with family as well. She decided to make a gift for her host, a festive wine holder decorated with Fall leaves and shimmery gold pinecones, instead as she will not be hosting this year. 

 Here is a glimpse at our gold framed chalkboard place cards. We are going to be hanging these mini frames from mason jars filled with pumpkin pie (full post coming soon!).

As always, we truly enjoyed this month’s Craft Club meeting. We look forward to making holiday treats next month with “the girls” and creating decor for our homes and / or Christmas trees. We hope we have inspired you to create your own Thanksgiving place cards this year. Keep on crafting!


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