Eating snacks, working on crafts, and getting caught up with your girlfriends sounds like a perfect way to spend your day. Right? What a great reason to start a Craft Club.

Our friend, Leigh, decided to host the first Craft Club event. She sent out this adorable Save the Date to let our guests know to mark their calendars and what the theme would be. In the time leading up to our Craft Club date, members repinned ideas on Pinterest on their own Craft Club boards to use as inspiration for their creations. We all stayed connected on Pinterest to see each other’s ideas. Here are some of our Pinterest repins:

As you can see, we decided to create candle holders for our Halloween decor as our first Craft Club project. Guests were encouraged to use this general theme to create for their own personal aesthetic. You may see sparks of these inspiration photos in many of the Craft Club member’s candle holders, as Pinterest is a great resource and starting ground for ideas.

While our hands were kept busy with paintbrushes full of Mod Podge, our mouths were enjoying these delicious snacks Leigh prepared for her guests (which included delicious hummus and homemade pita chips, veggies with a tzatziki dip, and pumpkin bread to go with the Halloween theme).

Each member brought their own materials and were also very willing to share what they had. Amazing candle holders were created out of glass vases, fish bowls, wine bottles, you name it (Recycled bottles are also great for projects like these). We went to Marshall’s to gather cheaper glass bottles to use as our base canvases. It was exciting and very helpful to be in a room full of crafty people all using the theme in their own different ways and inspiring each other at the same time.

Tami created these embellished Halloween candle holders out of lace, printed spooky images, black rhinestones, and long neck bottles in different sizes.

Lauren found specialty Halloween treat bags at Joann Fabrics and along with silver glitter letters, rhinestones, and a lot of Mod Podge created five small tea light holders to be proud of.

Orange and black tissue paper and more Mod Podge were used to make this fish bowl jack-o-lantern. We can’t wait to see it all lit up for Halloween.

Creating a chevron print is no easy feat (as one of our friends discovered). You have to wait for the paint to dry completely before taking off the masking tape. We are anxiously awaiting seeing the finished product in  her Halloween decor.

We hope we have inspired you to take on your own Halloween craft projects or even start your own Craft Club. We will be sharing each month’s projects with you to use as inspiration for your own Craft Club as well. Stay tuned to see how we use our creations in our own personal Halloween decor and for next month’s Craft Club meeting … the theme is Pumpkin Decorating!

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