We always have so much fun at our monthly Craft Club meetings. It is really a great way to get caught up with our girlfriends, and come home with a new project to add to our homes. We also find it relaxing to sit and craft at the end of a long work day or on a leisurely Sunday. This month’s theme was Pumpkin Decorating (rather than carving) as decorated pumpkins last longer and look adorable.

There are many different ways to decorate a pumpkin, and you can use a variety of materials. You may decide to spray paint them all one color, a metallic, or with chalkboard paint. You may even choose to add your initials or bling your pumpkins out with rhinestones and glitter. Either way, your pumpkin is sure to turn out amazing. Here are some Pinterest inspiration photos that we (along with our friends) used to get inspired for our own pumpkin decorating this year:

Paint and Metallics
Bling it Out!
This past weekend we had the honor of hosting this event at Lauren’s home. Even Baby Ava got in on the fun!
As the hosts, our responsibilities were to set up a place for our guests to work and provide a few snacks for them to enjoy. Often times our meetings are after a long day at work, and as we all get hungry at this time, the girls are always very good about also bringing their own snacks and drinks to share. Needless to say, our potlucks are never lacking in taste or variety. 
We set the table with fun holiday napkins to set the tone and even made small holiday inspired gift bags to send home with each girl (check them out on our bonus post this Friday).
Lauren made this delicious spinach salad with quinoa, beets, and pumpkin seeds to keep things festive and go with the season.
Tami spray painted each of her miniature pumpkins in chalkboard paint. Then used a white chalkboard marker to create different patterns, a Halloween message, and even a spider on its web.
Lauren created her family’s initials (including a mini pumpkin for their newest addition) by poking small silver brads into her pumpkins.
One of our friends used gold glitter and puffy paint to create fun tribal patterned pumpkins.
Gold letters, pearls, rhinestones, and glitter gave each of these miniature pumpkins their own individual flair. It seems another one of the girls was in the mood to “bling it out” this Halloween.
Stay tuned this week to see how we use our creations in our own personal Halloween decor. We hope we have inspired you to take on your own Halloween pumpkin decorating projects this season and maybe even to start your own craft club. This time of year lends itself to so many opportunities for holiday inspired projects, gift wrap, and treats. 

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