We had so much fun last month at our first Craft Club meeting (see our previous post, Craft Club: Spooktacular Candle Holders), that we decided to meet once every month instead of every other month. It is really a great way to get caught up with our girlfriends, and come home with a new project to add to our homes. We also find it relaxing to sit and craft at the end of a long work day or on a leisurely Sunday. This month’s theme was Pumpkin Decorating (rather than carving) as decorated pumpkins last longer and look adorable.

There are many different ways to decorate a pumpkin, and you can use a variety of materials. You may decide to decoupage (using Mod Podge to make whatever types of paper applied to your pumpkin look finished and “sealed”), paint, or hot glue to add fun embellishments. Either way, your pumpkin is sure to turn out amazing. Here are some Pinterest inspiration photos that we (along with our friends) used to get inspired for our own pumpkin decorating:

Decoupaged Pumpkins
Painted Patterns on Small Pumpkins
More Painted Pumpkins
(to look like animals or characters and embellishing them with paper or other materials to give a 3-D effect)
Metallic Pumpkins
Embellished Pumpkins

As a club, we have each created our own Pinterest “Craft Club” boards (with ideas like these) so that we can get inspired by each other’s photos before each meeting. This is also a great way to stay in touch throughout the month.

Even the snack we brought was Pinterest inspired!

For this months Craft Club meeting, (graciously hosted by our friend Leigh for the second time) each guest brought a snack to share with the group. There were chips and salsa, quesadillas and guacamole, mini chimichangas, a veggie platter with two different dips, and these adorable candy corn inspired cheese and crackers that we prepared the night before (and inspired by Pinterest, as seen above). One guest even brought bottles of red wine to add to the snack table. What a great way to unwind while crafting our night away!

Just like last time, each member brought their own materials (including pumpkins ranging in color and size) and were also very willing to share what they had. Having so many crafty girls in one room makes for major inspiration while we were creating our decorated pumpkins.

Tami bought white pumpkins at Whole Foods and decoupaged one with a black and white toile print. She created these pumpkin toppers using ribbon, lace, feathers, and more toile tissue paper.

Lauren also decoupaged her pumpkin. This is a great alternative to pumpkin carving, as it ensures that your pumpkin will last all month long. She used her signature color (purple) to wish her Trick or Treaters a “Happy Halloween”, wrapped a sparkly purple ribbon and a feather around the stem, and covered the whole pumpkin in shimmery white on white polka dot tissue paper.

One of our friends (who came to Craft Club for the very first time) kept saying that she “wasn’t that crafty”. She bought Halloween stickers, sparkle tape, and this adorable mini witch’s hat at Michael’s and created two great looks. She really did us proud, and we think her self-proclaimed “not crafty-ness” has been erased.

This pumpkin was embellished to perfection using different sized, shape, and color jewels, beautiful butterflies, and a hot glue gun.

What can we say about this pumpkin? It was turned on its side, painted to resemble one of the most classic cartoon characters, and is pure artistic perfection!
We hope we have inspired you to take on your own Halloween pumpkin decorating projects this season or even start your own Craft Club. We will be sharing each month’s projects with you to use as inspiration for your own Craft Club as well. Stay tuned to see how we use our creations in our own personal Halloween decor and for next month’s Craft Club meeting … November’s theme is Thanksgiving place cards. 


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