One thing we truly look forward to each month is our time spent with our Craft Club girls. It really is such a great way to spend a Sunday … chatting, eating, and getting our craft on! Depending on what the season is and what holidays are coming up, we will often times plan a theme and each girl will create something based on that general idea. However, there are many times as well that we all just feel like we have been wanting to get to something or other and this is that perfect opportunity. This was one of those months … no theme was planned. Although it turned out that the majority of the group had a common purpose; to create DIY decorations for upcoming parties in our lives.

craft club 216

This month we kept the snacks simple. Our hostess, Paige, set out a few options to keep our tummies happy while our hands were hard at work.

craft club 220

Beautiful floral arrangements that decorated our work space were enjoyed and so were these delicious glasses of rose.

craft club 217

craft club 221

Unfortunately (for you) we don’t have much to show yet in the way of projects, as they are all still in the works and it would really ruin the party surprise if we showed our DIY creations ahead of time. We will just say that the girls really outdid themselves this time and we will post finished products and details as soon as we possibly can. Such a tease, we know!

After two years of crafting together, we are happy to announce that we still have just as much fun each month as we did in the beginning. It never ceases to amaze us how talented each of the girls we craft with is and how much we continue to inspire each other (#luckyladies … right girls?). For those of you crafty individuals out there, we would love your input. What is a good theme for our September Craft Club meeting? What are you crafting these days? Leave us a comment below? We’d love to hear from you.


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