Our Craft Club is made up of a group of creative professionals. Although we find ourselves at various different stages in life (some are moms, some are single) what we do have in common is our busy schedules. This month, we decided to stick with a theme. As we were all looking for time to get things done for Mother’s Day, we figured this was the perfect opportunity. It’s also always a great chance to catch up with the girls. We left the theme to be interpreted by each Craft Club member in their own way, and were really impressed with what everyone came up with. 

Of course, our meeting began how every other one does … with food! The girls were super creative with their contributions in this area as well bringing homemade quinoa salads and cinnamon rolls and delicious store bought kale salads and more cinnamon rolls (because you can never have enough cinnamon rolls). As the hostesses this month, we were running around at the last minute trying to make something to eat out of nothing … What do you do with some eggs, fresh mint, Greek yogurt, and a few ripe grapefruits? We looked up some recipes on our favorite app (Pinterest, of course), and came up with deviled eggs and a grapefruit parfait. What we ended up with was a delicious representation of what you could serve at any Mother’s Day brunch.
Paige decided to surprise the mothers in her life with photographs of her two little ones with these fun props; block letters spelling out their love and a rustic chalkboard that each mom’s name can be written on for a personal touch.
Tina’s mom loves to garden! Her handmade gift includes a painted watering can with an adorable handmade tag.
We welcomed a new member this month! Katie came with fresh new ideas and creativity to share! She made this adorable (and very personal) photo banner for her mother to be displayed at their family’s brunch.
Tami bailed her siblings out by making these vintage inspired Mother’s Day cards for their mom and grandmas (with a surprise for the new mom in the family … Lauren!), while Lauren worked on invitations for her Sister-in-Law’s bachelorette party (sometimes you need to forgo the theme to get something you are working on done). Invitations coming soon to a post near you!
We truly look forward to spending time with our Craft Club girls every month and creating something new, whether it be homemade cards and banners, photo props, or a special gift. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, we hope we have inspired you to create something for your own mom or the mothers in your life. Keep crafting!

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