This month’s Craft Club meeting was super impromptu. Our friend, Hannah, sent us an email at the last minute expressing her desire to craft. Unfortunately (as it was so last minute) none of the other girls were able to join, but we do love to craft and always want to help a sister out … so that is exactly what we did. Lauren graciously opened her home and set up her table for us girls to get our craft on.

Let’s be honest … This month’s Craft Club meeting was really just an excuse to eat, catch up with our friend Hannah, and eat some more. Scott made us pizzas, and we devoured them … we even forgot to take pictures!
Surprisingly, with all of the eating and chatting, we did actually craft a bit. Hannah used torn vintage wrapping paper and Mod Podge to begin to create initials for her own craft room. We can’t wait to see them finished and on display in her home!
If you recall, Tami began working on this project last month … and conveniently picked it back up for last night’s meeting. These additions to her DIY gallery wall (coming soon) are still a work in progress, but making great strides.
Lauren took on the biggest project of all … a baby book for her daughter, Ava. Of course, these things take time and Lauren did not expect to get too much accomplished last night, but she has now discovered why so many children do not have a baby book at all. Figuring out where to start is hard. Choosing which pictures to use is  even harder (even with the help of the new app Lauren downloaded, Groove Book … which she is loving by the way!). Scrapbooking is a tedious job, but Lauren is determined for Ava to have a baby book … at least by the time she graduates high school!
As always, we truly enjoyed this month’s Craft Club meeting. For a last minute planned event it went as well as ever. We look forward to meeting up with “the girls” next month and creating something new while inspiring each other along the way. This month, we hope we have inspired you to create something fun for your home or to get back on the scrapbooking wagon (even if it is a bit impromptu). Keep on crafting!

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