This month’s Craft Club meeting was a great opportunity for all of the members to get prepared for the holiday season. We decided to make decorated cookies to package and pass out to our loved ones and party hosts. Making Holiday Treats is a yearly tradition for us (and we usually make our favorite “mix” as seen on our previous post: In the “Mix” ), but this year’s Craft Club meeting made the process so much more fun.

Sara was our gracious host this month. She really did such an amazing job making us feel at home with her beautiful Christmas decorations, festive music for while we worked, and holiday cheer. She even set up a fun display for all of our potluck snacks. We made this delicious herbed shrimp and tomato appetizer with a spicy yet creamy dipping sauce to share.

To keep things simple, we decided to all make the same type of treats (holiday shaped sugar cookies) and to decorate them with our own personal styles in mind. Each Craft Club member brought their own frosting in varieties of colors, lots of fun toppings to share, and bags or boxes to package them in.

Everyone had their own recipients in mind when preparing their cookies. Decorative items such as initials were even included for a personal touch. The cutest bags and tags were purchased ahead of time to wrap up our creations.

Brightly colored Christmas trees, bows, and stockings were packaged carefully in adorable snowflake embellished bags with fun colored ribbon.

One Craft Club member even boxed up her creations to ship to her home state for the holidays.

We used this opportunity to make host gifts for the upcoming parties we will be attending complete with handmade tags to coordinate with this year’s holiday color scheme.

For an extra touch, we decided to make the girls special holiday cards to thank them “for crafting with Side by Side Design”. We knew these festive Lisa Frank stickers would be the perfect detail to complete our cards and would bring everyone back to their earliest crafting days. 

With the holiday Craft Club sessions over, and no clear direction to turn for next month’s project, we are open to suggestions for January’s project idea. What do you think we should make next?


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