It has officially been one year since we started our Craft Club (seen on our previous post: Spooktacular Candle Holders), and we have tried out many different projects and themes along the way. Some have been a huge success and others unfortunately did not come out the way they were planned, but one thing can always be expected … our monthly Craft Club meetings have really become something that we (and the other Craft Club girls) look forward to. It is a great way to get caught up with our girlfriends and come home with a new project to add to our homes. We also find it relaxing to sit and craft at the end of a long work day or on a leisurely Sunday.  

Many of our members have taken the opportunity to graciously host and although we truly appreciate them opening their homes to us, that does not mean they have to feed us as well. Potluck snacks are a great way to not only share this responsibility but also learn new recipes from a very talented group of girls.

This month we made standard guacamole and paired it with pita chips from our local Farmer’s Market which were incredible.
Each month, there seems to be one over-achiever in the group. This time our friend, Jamie Lee, created these amazing bruschettas for us to enjoy which included red pepper, basil, some sort of yummy cheese, prosciutto, and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar.
Many of the girls had expressed the need for time spent on individual projects. Although this month did not have an official theme, we discovered that (randomly) there was a common trend. Lots of chevron print and paint this month.  
Sisters, Paige and Whitney teamed up (once again) to work on striped curtains and a chevron print lampshade for a newly designed kid’s room. Paige’s two year old is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new roommate and baby sister, and these Craft Club additions to his “old room” will help him feel like it is a whole new space for the two of them to share.
One of our friends used her chevron print to create small square cork boards for keeping mementos and favorite pics. She plans to frequent flea markets until she finds the right frames to put them in and finish off this look.
Our friend Hannah (a lover of print, pattern, and anything that shines), created this chevron print, metallic silver, and mirrored tray for keeping “immediate jewelry” (as she called it).
We took this opportunity to work on projects for posts that are coming up soon, so unfortunately you will have to wait just a little bit longer to see what we came up with. We can, however, leave you with a preview of what’s to come in next month’s Craft Club meeting. For the month of October, we are planning to bring back our favorite theme of last year, Pumpkin Decorating. Can’t wait!

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