When Scott and Lauren decided to remodel their guest bedroom (seen on our last post, Before and After Master Bedroom) to give themselves a bigger and better master bedroom, they knew that the first thing they had to incorporate was more closet space. They did not like the fact that some of their clothes were in the current master bedroom, some in the guest bedroom, and even some in the hall closet. Creating a compartmentalized closet that stretched the length of their new room was a must (It also doesn’t hurt that they got rid of some stuff)! Our dad Jackie, of Jackie Bitton Fine Woodworking, built this his and her’s closet with perfect spaces for shoes, sweaters, dresses, pants, and even their luggage. They could not believe that all of their stuff actually fit in there (well, except for Scott’s suits and a few jackets), freeing up the other closets in their condo for additional storage items and even allowing one area of the hall closet to be used for all of Lauren’s craft supplies!

Adjustable shelves are perfect for shoes. Lauren adjusted them to fit the tallest pair of heels on each shelf and then color coordinated the shoes to find them easily.

Even the empty space below the hanging items can be used. This space is perfect for folded shorts, jeans, large boot boxes, and even sunglass cases.

The long hanging area on Lauren’s side is used for her long dresses. The spot under the short dresses and skirts is a perfect place for her laundry basket.

Lauren’s purses are housed in the higher compartment above the dresses, making it easy to find the perfect bag for each outfit.

Sweaters and items that are not used as often are the best things to tuck away behind the TV wall.

It is very convenient for Scott to find his ties for work since they are hung in color order on this handy electric tie rack. The space between Scott’s tie rack and his laundry basket was a perfect place for his belts.

It is easy to color coordinate your shirts when they are all the same (LOL).

Scott chose to fold his jeans since he has so many. Stacking them in small piles by color or brand will make it easy to find what you are looking for. 

It has been a long process, but Scott and Lauren are so happy to be living in their newly remodeled space, and this closet is a major bonus! They no longer have to visit three different rooms just to get dressed for work in the morning, can find things easily, and love the look of the finished product. 



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