Our youngest sister, Maya, recently left for college, and as her big sisters it is our job to make sure she is prepared. We put together this “College Survival Kit” filled with all the necessities of living in the dorms; plastic dishes and cups, air freshener and Clorox Wipes (for keeping things clean), a mini lint roller, laundry detergent, chapstick, tissues, and chocolate (Maya’s favorite).

Tami and Lauren’s College Tips (for our little sister):

  • Call up your roommate before heading to school. This will make you less nervous. Discuss what you are bringing to maximize your space, eliminate unnecessary double purchases, and get to know each other’s living styles. 
  • Come up with a  color scheme for your dorm room. This Tiffany blue nail polish was Maya’s inspiration for brightening up her space. We added black, white, and dark gray to give a college chic look.

  • Do some bargain shopping. College is expensive. Save money on decor by shopping in the home sections at TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target. 


  • Trade in your car for an adorable bike or beach cruiser in a funky color, so you know which one belongs to you when heading out of a busy class. Don’t forget a combination lock to keep it safe. 
  • Plan a road trip to help move your freshman in. We told Maya stories and secrets from our own college days at Arizona State University along  the way.
    • Compartmentalize your small space. Raising your bed or adding cinder blocks underneath makes room for a kitchen area or a place to store your shoes or laundry basket.


      • A mini fridge will keep your snacks cold when you get sick of the dining hall.  
      • Put up a whiteboard and markers on your desk or outside your front door. Although you and your friends will be texting back and forth, it’s still fun to arrive back at your dorm room to a note or inside joke. 

        • Over-sized, plush rugs in the bathroom or right next to your bed will make you feel more at home.

        •  Make the most of your space. Luckily for Maya her mom, Evon, is a master organizer. She put Maya’s closet together like the pieces of a puzzle.

          We are so excited for our youngest sister, Maya. Moving into the dorms and getting the true college experience is what we have always wanted for her. It was amazing for us as her big sisters to get the opportunity to help Maya move in.


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