This time of year is so much fun with all the holiday parties going on. It can be extremely busy as well; with gift shopping, treat baking, decorating, and making dishes to bring along when you attend parties. Here is a great dish idea that’s relatively easy and is sure to be loved by all.

1. Include only the freshest ingredients: spinach, basil, rosemary, garlic, cream cheese, feta cheese, and and a little bit of honey to balance out the saltiness.

2. Arrange spinach on the serving dish to present it nicely for your friend’s or family’s party.

3. Chop spinach, basil, and rosemary finely. 
4. Mix all ingredients together and form into a ball.
5. Cover cheese ball with a layer of sliced almonds and garnish the plate with green olives to add some color.
Voila! Cheese ball and crackers for all to enjoy! It looks just as amazing as it tastes.

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