It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This perfect day! We are still on a high (pun intended) from last week’s work trip! I mean it hardly feels like work when you are doing what you love, designing the interior of a fabulous ski home, traveling in style, and going for lunch in the quaint town of Vail. I loved getting to share this opportunity with Tami and am beyond grateful to our clients who made all this happen / are trusting me to bring their vision to life! (Written by: Lauren)

#2: This holiday prep! The holidays are upon us, and I am excited to do one of my favorite things … Select gift wrap and coordinate the way it will all look when put together. This year, not only did I get to select my own (post coming soon), but a very special client hired me to do it all! Plan out personalized gifts for friends and family, source all materials, and wrap to perfection! Isn’t this plaid so fun? I promise to share all of the finished details very soon on the blog! (Written by: Tami) 

#3: These published words! Did you know that the story of Side by Side Design was published in Voyage LA Magazine this month? We are beyond honored that they chose to highlight our business, how we got to where we are, and grateful for all the love and support we received from those who read our story. If you have not gotten a chance to read our article, follow the link above! (Written by Tami)

#4: This vendor! We have been working with a really awesome vendor on the events side for a while now that we are excited to tell you all about! Events these days are all about branding! Even if they are for an individual and not a company. That is why working with a really talented graphic designer like Bo Jack Studios is so important! These custom “SA12” stickers for a recent 12th birthday party we planned are just one example of this designer getting our vision exactly. Can’t wait to see what all of the holiday tags we ordered for ourselves and clients look like in print! (Written by: Tami) 

#5: This amazing opportunity! If you are following us on IG Stories, you may have noticed that a few weeks ago we were busy promoting a very special company. Lincoln let us drive not one but two of their Aviators for a whole week! This experience was so much fun! It would have been enough to drive around in style, but the adventure did not stop there … We were invited to a classy dinner party (aka a night away from the kids), introduced to top executives in the company, and treated to a really relaxing day with some of our fellow mompreneur friends (brunch + mani pedis)! We are so grateful to Lincoln for selecting us and only hope to tell everyone we know about their generosity and how great the cars are! (Written by: Lauren)

As yesterday was Thanksgiving, we really want to take a moment to share how grateful we are for everything that has come our way with business and our personal lives this year! You can see just a small sampling of everything we have accomplished and have been lucky enough to participate in from this month’s Favorite Five. It is truly remarkable! We are thankful to all of you who tune in every Wednesday and Friday to read about the projects we are working on and most of all to our amazing clients who give us opportunities every day to design spaces and events that we are truly proud of!

Follow us on Instagram @sidebysidedesign for more all month long as we share our Designer Day! We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of December on the 27th, and as always will be posting what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday. See ya soon!


In our Pining For Pinterest posts, we prepare our readers for the upcoming season with interior shots alongside decor and event details in a fresh, new color story and overall look. Winter is about to begin. The holidays are basically here … So many presents to wrap, pastries to bake, and parties to attend! Please enjoy as we take you through our inspiration for two totally different Winter events in our own distinct styles. 

Tami’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Full and festive event spaces! This holiday season it’s all about going over the top! In order to achieve this goal you need to start with the right venue. Why not throw a holiday party at home? Start with bright pops of pink and lots of tinsel, and then throw in a hot cocoa bar, cake, and disco balls galore! It’s sure to be an evening to remember!

With a home design that is this over the top, you don’t even really need to do much to make it holiday festive.

Fresh flowers are appreciated all year long, and so are the perfect coffee table accessories.

I told you I was really into disco balls and tinsel this year!

A little more flair for the tree?

The girl who lives here / parties here must love glitter!

Holidays are the perfect time for a hot cocoa bar with many many marshmallows!

Cake too! Why not?

Lauren’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Rich colors with holiday cheer is filling up my feed this time of year! I am picturing this inspiration as a more casual engagement party but with lots of festive touches in rich hues of burgundy, pops of white fur, twinkle lights, and a simple boho pattern. 

When your space looks like this all year long, it transitions easily right into holiday time.

Adding a few special accessories like this white fur throw to your space will make it feel even more Winter ready.

Just because it’s the holiday time, does not mean that is all we are celebrating. This couple just got engaged giving their family another reason for a fun party!

I am simply obsessed with this table set up! Simple white china mixed with wood salad plates, that fun black and white print, the flowers are gorgeous too, and gold silverware! Need I say more?

Sometimes all you need is a chunky sweater and the right pair of leather pants!

For something unique, serve your bar out of an airstream because why not?

Even these cocktails fit the original color scheme. It’s all in the details!

This Winter is beyond busy, and we truly feel like we have brought the events “Side” of our business to the next level. We look forward to all that is coming up this season and using some of this inspiration in our own planning. We would love to work with you in creating the right look this Winter by tying in the inspiration of your event with the essence of your home decor. Contact us at for more information. 

To see more of our individual styles through our inspiration, follow us (Tami and Lauren) on Pinterest!


Written by: Lauren

The work at our Modern With Antiques Home is coming to an end. Such a bittersweet moment, but I know that it’s never really the end with this fabulous couple and we will find ways in our future to work together again. The good part is the rooms in this home are wrapping up, and I finally get to share them with all of you. We are finalizing each finishing touch and as they are added I will share all the details here on the blog. For now, I thought it was fitting to start at the beginning with their entry. Enjoy!

Early on we nicknamed this project “Modern With Antiques”. Throughout the process the clients tended to go more modern, and I wasn’t quite sure how the antiques portion would fully play out. This space truly shows that it worked out! This larger than life mirror was already there, but we used it to create an abstract painting like no other! For example, we needed this piece to be extremely stark to balance off the ornate detail of the door and the vintage console and mirror set.

See what I mean? I think they balance each other off well, and the crisp white walls and marble floors helps to keep everything current. Angel strikes again! Our specialty painter is just so talented! Can you believe she created this amazing art work and refinished the doors as well?

We found this amazing set at one of my favorite vintage stores, Rebound. I love how its art deco style looks in this room, and it fit too perfectly to pass up. We selected just the right accessories from the couple’s personal collection to place on top which bring just the right amount of life to the space.

Angel also created the specialty finish on the elevator door, and I am loving the texture and color.

I hope this got you excited to see more spaces from our Modern With Antiques Home Tour. I will be sharing one of my favorite rooms next week … The master bathroom, so be sure to check back in!


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: November boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Lauren

Did I mention these California girls are getting out of the heat and getting winter started early? Time to dust off those boots and beanies, but more importantly I am starting a new project in an awesome ski town so it is time to really challenge myself to come up with new innovative designs. Do you live in a place where its cold or want to bring in winter a bit early? Here is a list of ten items that will bring in the season in your home and event decor! Don’t worry … I included a link to make getting each item that much easier. Enjoy!

Interior Items

Black Wicker Hanging Lamp / Large – HK Living – $695

Suri Alpaca Pillow – Barneys New York – on sale for $211.50

Sofa in Zuma Pumice Linen – Modshop – $2,645

Rabbit Fur Pillow – Barneys New York – on sale for $265

Eames Coffee Table – Design Within Reach – $995

Event Items

Corde Porcelain Dinner Plate – Saks Fifth Avenue – $42 each

Carine Martini Glass – Saks Fifth Avenue – $42 each

Mink and Fox Fur Knit Beanie – Barneys New York – on sale for $301.50

Ski House Feu de Bois Glass Candle – Saks Fifth Avenue – $65

Three Toned Braided Placemat / Gold and Sand – Current Home – $40 each

It’s still warm where we live, but we are preparing for ski season. Have a great weekend and start to your winter from Side by Side Design!


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: October boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Tami

In my October inspiration, I mentioned that including culture and custom in your space will make it always feel well traveled and eclectic! Of course, each person must incorporate their own pieces that feel special to them, but just in case you need a little help getting started … Here is a list of ten items that will do the trick! Don’t worry … I included a link to make getting each item that much easier. Enjoy!

Interior Items

Rani Rug / Multi 8 x 10 – West Elm – on sale for $699.30

Mia Large Faceted- Crystal Chandelier – Pottery Barn – on sale for $298.99

Best Seller Monogrammed Towel Set – Etsy (JaxyRayBoutique) – $22

Modern Natural Timber Indoor Planter – Etsy (RawRevivals) – $17.60

Calhoun Wingback Chair / Black and Ivory Stripe – One King’s Lane – on sale for $1,594.50

Event Items

Vista Alegre by Christian Lacroix Dinner Plate – Bloomingdale’s – $80 each

3 Pieces Dried Pampas – Etsy (GIGkelly) – $26.90

Bamboo Folding Chair – Signature Party Rentals – rental for $6.19 each

Koyal Wholesale Geometric Hurricane Candle Holder – Amazon – $195 for a set of 3

Atrium Glass Hurricane / Small – West Elm – on sale for $23.40

It’s a busy month … I hope you find some time to celebrate with those who you love and incorporate lots of tradition into all that you do. Happy October from Side by Side Design!