It’s that time of year for most people where you find yourself entertaining more and attending more parties. You may even be expected to bring something with you (an appetizer, dessert, etc.) when visiting your friends and family. We always say that what you present your guests with in your home and the dish you bring with to an event should look as good as it tastes. Presentation is key. Possibly our favorite option is not a new concept at all. “The cheese board” has been around forever, but there are so many ways to create a new look each time providing variety for your guests and lack of boredom for you.


During last year’s holiday season, we were presented with many opportunities to perfect our cheese board making skills. We like to mix hard and soft cheeses as well as give a few different cracker choices so that when our guests are eating each bite is slightly different. This also helps ensure that more of our guests have something that they like. Stinkier cheeses are not adored by all (although we happen to love them). 


The board you use is almost as important as the things you put on top of it, and there are so many beautiful options to buy (or give as a gift). Simple wooden boards are always a good choice or you can go with something more in style like a marble slab. This particular cheese board was not a board at all. We used a white dreidel shaped tray to present our cheeses last year … So appropriate for the Chanukkah party we were hosting!


Other things to add to give a finished look to any cheese board include fruit, nuts, and olives. Make sure you are pairing the flavors nicely. Sweet and salty is one of our favs plus it gives the kiddos something to eat! We also love to mix fresh fruit with some dried fruit options. Dried cranberries are super festive this time of year, and we are particularly fond of the way dried orange slices look when added into the mix. 

This year is looking to be just as full of events to attend and host. We look forward to perfecting the art of “how to: make a cheese board” further and take some beautiful photos for our Instagram feed. As always, feel free to leave a comment below, fill out our client inquiry form (on the contact page of our website), or send us an email at if you have any questions or are in need of some design assistance. Wishing you all a very Happy Holidays from Side by Side Design!

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