PINK IS A NEUTRAL. and this one might just be our most favorite space of all! Before we even get started … Special shout out to Invite Amy who imagined and created all the goodies in this Glossara. swag shop and Nomad Art and Design and Gathered for transforming this space completely and bringing our all pink vision to life! Here are all the details:

As we mentioned in previous Glossara. posts, one of our main goals for this very special weekend packed full of events was to unveil spaces and details by keeping them hidden or put away until it was time for them to have their moment. The swag shop was one we felt the most strongly about having a MOMENT! However, we hinted at its location by posting custom signage by Nomad Art and Design.


This library at Viceroy Santa Monica was the staging ground for our very own Glossara. swag shop. There is a door on either side of this small room that we were able to keep closed for the weekend with signage out front stating that the “Swag shop was under construction.” Our team at Nomad Art and Design came in two full days before the big Bat Mitzvah night and began preparing this room. It was a complete transformation including bringing in faux walls, taking out the rug, replacing all furniture, and creating shelving for each piece of swag to be properly showcased.

When you want something done right, bring in the professionals! Did we mention, Nomad Art and Design has a highly skilled team of craftsman who built all of our custom backdrops and sets for the weekend as well as set designers who got our vision to a T? Down to the smallest of vases, accessories, and even pink pens and other office supplies to be used in this space.


Here it is! Honestly, seeing this swag shop in photos (by Scott Clark Photography) gives us chills! It’s hard to believe that this space was created to be used for only one night. It could easily be a pop up store that many guests visit or a set used for a show. It was made that professionally and finished off so right!

Ummm what do we even say about these florals by our girl Kayla at Gathered? The blush and nude tones are absolute perfection, and they seem to be popping up in all the right places! Cute branded candy bags were closed off with smiley face stickers, but it was the presentation of all of these little details that really stole the show!

Let’s talk about these counters! They are tufted and gorgeous rentals from our go-to Signature Party Rentals, but also the perfect place to house acrylic trays full of candy, the official card box, and just behind the counter … Some space to keep bags full of swag for guests to pick up as they left the party. It was really important to us (along with the entire build-out team), to not only make this space beautiful but to completely think through the functionality of how it would be used.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for … You can’t have a swag shop without mass amounts of swag! Each custom Glossara. sweatshirt, hat, reusable shopping bag, lollipop, water bottle, and candy bag was designed and produced by Invite Amy! We have said it before and will say it again. She is a genius and the absolute BEST in creating graphics and custom swag for mitzvahs and more! We are beyond lucky to have had her New York elevated style as such an integral part of this entire event and to have her as a friend and sounding board for all things creative! 

The Glossara. logo (imagined and created by Invite Amy) was seen in so many details in our Glossara. swag shop including these adorable bags full of all pink candy. When planning events, our goal is to always be innovative and come up with new ideas we haven’t seen before. For example, we thought and thought about how to a) provide a “candy bar” during Covid (meaning the candy we put out really should all be individually wrapped), and b) do something slightly different than the now traditional “candy bar”. You’ve seen it, right? The apothecary jars full of one colored candy with scoops to make your own take home treat bag? Shout out to team member Stephen for coming up with these individually packed mini bags of candy that were not just a fresh take on the “candy bar” concept but also super adorable! 

These custom arches and shelving were the perfect place to display swag. The signage in this space was on point as well! 

Here’s a closer look at the swag itself …

Many of the details for the Bat Mitzvah weekend were not only a surprise for the guests but for the family and Bat Mitzvah girl herself. However, one thing she felt very strongly about was sweatshirts! Invite Amy made two … Pink crew neck with white text and white zip up hoodies with black text. Both had this adorable hand and smiley graphic on the front that the Bat Mitzvah girl asked for specifically! What a great detail, and we were of course thrilled to see her vision come to life! 

This white on white Glossara. hat is one of our favorites, face masks are a must have right now, and these branded lollipops are almost too beautiful to eat!

We loved being able to showcase different looks (selected by stylist Jessica Culotti) in different areas of this event. We knew this would be the case when we scheduled the pre-event photo shoot with Scott Clark, but had no idea the photos would be this spectacular! Even the pink arches in the background (at our photo shoot spot – Festoon LA) fit so perfectly with the arches in this space. The whole experience was magic! 

OK, now let’s talk about the process … As guests entered this swag shop, not only were they greeted by yet another adorable poster by Nomad Art and Design, but by hanging reusable branded bags to gather all their desired swag. 

Guests could browse (as they would in any shop) for their sizes and what they specifically wanted to take home.  

Our two swag shop attendants (dressed of course in Glossara. swag) were there to assist as well …

… and to make things even more organized, we created this alphabetized filing system for our attendants to use to find each guests personalized shopping card.  

The cards were a great way to keep tabs on what went in each guest’s swag bag. They were attached to the bag at the end of the guest’s visit in the swag shop and were a way to help identify who’s bag belonged to whom when guests returned to pick them up before exiting the party. I told you, we thought of everything!

HUGE shout out to Maya and Stephen who not only worked the swag shop on the night of the Bat Mitzvah but were with us every step of the way throughout the weekend to help make each space look polished and each event run smoothly! We could not have done it without you! 

We know we said in our last post, that the dinner part of the evening was up next, but we had to take a quick detour into the swag shop first. Just couldn’t wait! Plus it really needed its own post! Up next … The dinner party (we swear this time)!

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