Written by: Tami

I honestly can’t tell you how much I have missed events! If you are someone who loves to entertain, or just loves to attend parties, or even loves to be busy on the weekends … You probably know what I mean! Start of Summer, events are back and back in a big way! It’s almost like people are nervous everything will shut down again. That’s how back they are, and I can’t be happier to be back in my happy place of planning. Most importantly though, the down time Lauren and I got (if we can call it that as we were miraculously busy all through Covid with our interiors side), was a perfect time for us to reimagine the events side of our business for how it will be moving forward.

When working with event clients, I can take on many roles. Some clients like to show up at their event as a guest knowing next to nothing about what went into the planning process or what their event will be, and I get to act as “full service party planner” setting into motion every detail from soup to nuts. Other clients love the process and love to create too! We work collaboratively together and I usually will take off their plate whatever it is that is most stressful to them (setting up day of, securing vendors, and even imagining the overall look). This was that type of event … “a first celebration” for our client’s daughter Zoya, the first major event of many in 2021 for Side by Side, and a true collaboration between myself and our client Misbah who loves the details just as much as we do!

I forgot to mention one very important detail … This is a first time event client for us, but Lauren has been working with this awesome family on the interiors side for a while to create gorgeous spaces in their home! More on that hopefully soon! We are dying to share photos from this special interior project!

The most important part of planning a first birthday, is coming up with a theme! Zoya and her mama love rainbows and cool color palettes. Therefore, a rainbow theme with a non-traditional color scheme was in order. These monochromatic balloon rainbows by Confetti and Sprinkles popped so cute on the family’s blue double doors. 

Like I mentioned, this process was very collaborative! While Lauren and I were in the back setting up a magical space for Zoya and her friends and family to enjoy her first birthday, one of her mom’s sisters wrote out this adorable sign to welcome all of their guests. 

Who doesn’t love a fabulous garland of matte balloons? This one also by Confetti and Sprinkles did not disappoint! In fact, this hardworking mama is a new vendor for us in 2021, and one we hope to work with on many many events in the years to come! 

The balloons and this cool architectural wall that lives in this space, were the perfect backdrop to Zoya’s desserts display! 

We added rose gold paper goods and serving ware, these adorable fringed rainbow napkins, a few framed photos of the birthday girl, and a burlap runner to tie it all together.

This cake from Vanilla Bake Shop was as delicious as it was beautiful. We love it’s simplicity with Zoya’s custom cake topper and first birthday candle on top.

Homemade sprinkled cupcakes are always fun too! I am definitely noticing a trend in individual desserts in 2021 … Gotta continue to keep us all germ free now that we are back together!

This decorative teepee by Heartcraft Girl was the perfect photo op spot …

… and we decorated one rented highchair for a very special one year old!

The kid’s table was set ready for them to enjoy their lunch with more rose gold, rainbows, a burlap runner, and a really cute crown for Zoya to wear. 

My mouth is literally watering just looking at this spread from our absolute favorite taco lady! 

Mmmm … Right? I am pretty sure everyone went back for seconds!

As Zoya has a big brother, it was very important to make sure he and his friends were entertained. Their mom arranged for a fun music class to take place in their living room and a rainbow craft was enjoyed by all!

As Zoya blew out her first birthday candle, she was surrounded by so much love from family and friends! We loved getting to be a part of this very special day!

You didn’t think her guests would leave empty handed, did you? Our signature in a BOX Minis filled with rainbow inspired goodies were the perfect parting gift. 

Each one was tied off with a bit of burlap string and a cute tag in our signature look. 

One major thing to consider when planning a first birthday party … Do a smash cake photo session ahead of time in order to display the photos on party day! What a great idea, Misbah! BTW these gorgeous photos (and all of the ones from the party as well) were taken by photographer Dewey Tann.

We cannot thank our client, Misbah, enough for trusting us to help bring her vision for her daughter’s first birthday to life. We know this is the first of many celebrations for this family that we can’t wait to be a part of! Happy 1st birthday Zoya! 


Written by: Tami

Sometimes you just need a good old styled shoot to throw you back into event mode after a pandemic! No, but seriously, this shoot was already about a month ago, and I don’t think I have stopped moving ever since. I am happy though to take the time today to share the details with all of you because it really was such a magical day in a most beautiful location with a group of talented, diverse mama entrepreneurs! What more could I ask for? 

Hidden Garden LA is a hidden gem of a venue located in the West Adams Historic District here in Los Angeles. You should seriously consider hosting any event in this space. Its restored greenhouse is the perfect backdrop to any tablescape or wedding processional (see photo below), and check out all of this beautiful landscaping. I am obsessed!

You all know I am a sucker for gorgeous linens, and BBJ Linen has the very best selection! I chose this sultry pink silk for our tea party set up and can’t say I am mad at all about how it elevated this look. 

I don’t even know where to begin with the creative behind these florals. I have been in this game for a while, and Alexa of August Blooms completely blew me away! As you can see from these insane photos by up and coming photographer @painterofsouls, the flower arrangements Alexa created completely stole the show! 

Ok, now I feel bad that it took me to the middle of this post to mention this mama because she was the mastermind behind this entire shoot! MD of Pink Llama Entertainment hand picked this gorgeous group of women to work together on this special day, came up with the theme that inspired the whole look, and also provided her company’s tea set, tables, farmhouse chairs, lace linens, and more to bring it all together! I highly recommend renting items for your next event from MD! She’s adding beautiful bohemian specialty items to her inventory regularly and always keeping up with the latest event design trends!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to play around with these textures and floral patterns in creating this tablescape. It was the absolute perfect way to throw myself back into the events “Side” of things and remind myself exactly what I love most about my job! I get to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy on their most special days.

What’s a bohemian tea party without a gorgeous tea set and treats? I really can’t say enough about the attention to detail this team of women had together in this shared project, providing ideas along the way such as incorporating actual treats into our tea party shoot …

… and a beyond stunning vintage inspired bar cart too (also from Pink Llama Entertainment)! This floral arrangement Alexa created with this bar cart in mind was my absolute favorite …

… But watching her craft this floral arch on the spot was my favorite part of the entire day! Alexa of August Blooms, you are beyond creative, and I cannot wait to work with you again real soon!

This team did not stop there, I know I am probably not supposed to share secrets from a styled shoot as the purpose is to create gorgeous content for all parties involved. However, the mission of this blog has always been to share what we (Side by Side Design) are a part of and what other creatives we come in contact with are doing, so I feel the need to share! In order to maximize our time and resources of the day, we decided to create one more vignette from the items we had on hand, and I am so glad we did! These photos showcase our abilities as a team to create a gorgeous micro-wedding set up. What a perfect location to be married in! All of these vendors are currently booking for upcoming events and are looking forward to speaking to you about yours today!

As I mentioned, this beautiful bohemian tea party styled shoot was a true collaboration between an amazing group of mama entrepreneurs. Shout out to the team; MD who organized and provided all rentals, Simi who provided the venue for us to set up in, Aris who photographed everything, Alexa who provided fresh and stunning florals, and me (Tami of Side by Side Design). I enjoyed spending the day getting to know each of you and what you do, sharing stories of our little ones at home, and creating the best content for our existing and potential clientele. The sky’s the limit ladies!


Written by: Tami

I wouldn’t say that we are the most superstitious girls, but we do strongly believe that when you put something out there into the universe (and work hard to achieve it), the stars align and bring you what you ask for. Now don’t get me wrong … I am not saying that if my almost two year old put out into the universe that she wanted a pony or to get rid of her newborn sister (which I’m sure has crossed her mind at least a few times since we brought her home from the hospital) that she would get either of those things. Somehow the “universe” must know how hard you are working to make your dreams a reality and just gently pushes you in the right direction or guides you towards being in the right place at the right time. 

I want to share a story … At New Years last year, we made a resolution. We were very happy that over the last few years so many Brides, Grooms, and Bar / Bat Mitzvah parents had trusted us to plan their biggest days, but we wanted to shift our attention back towards our original plan for our business … To plan at home events! Then, while working a Valentine’s Day event, we happened to be at the right place at the right time and struck up easy conversation with someone who would later become a true Side by Side Design client. Of course, as these things happen she first lost our contact information and had to track us down a few months later, but we quickly began planning our first event in her home.

A good theme goes a long way! In this case, rosè, was the perfect theme for a Mother’s Day celebration with friends. For this event, we included overflowing glasses of rosè (and a bucket full of bottles), cute rose gold foil napkins, and tons of flowers in every shade of pink all to go along with the theme. 

It’s all about who you work with! We really believe this to be true, and over the last few years we have created a preferred vendor list that we are very proud of. This enables us to connect our clients with the top rentals, catering, florals, etc. that Los Angeles has to offer from companies that we trust and love. I also believe that Lauren’s background in Interior Design allows us to utilize spaces in the best way possible and when planning lots of events in the same space we are able to come up with fresh ideas each time using different areas of the home and in different ways. 

Got kids? So do we, and we absolutely love planning parties for ours and others! It’s really all about the details! Whether they are turning two or twelve, they will appreciate every detail if you keep them in the forefront of your mind when you are planning. We set up this whole look ourselves, from the branded stickers on all packaging to the presentation of the salty and sweet treats that were included in this movie night themed birthday party. We truly pride ourselves in our attention to detail!

Do holidays stress you out? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I think most people are this way! However, setting tables beautifully for holiday celebrations and planning big seasonal soirees are our specialty! This past holiday season, we were given the gift of planning another gathering in the same client’s home and we brought in so many special details including catering from Jon and Vinny’s (one of our favorite local restaurants), seasonal decor, and take home bags full of fun swag for each of their guests.

One more fun service that we provide … Customizing take home gifts and gift wrap for all of your guests! Everybody loves to walk away from a party with a little something naughty or nice. We believe that the way a gift is presented or wrapped is just as important as what’s inside and can provide our clients with both. What a great reminder of the time spent at an event with family and friends.

What do all of these event photos have in common? They were all planned for the same client in her home. Our business model is to work with our clients to create events for anything and everything that comes up (and sometimes for no reason at all). We absolutely love coming up with new concepts, new ways of doing things, and new ideas, and the more that we work with each individual client the more we know their space (whether we designed it or not), and therefore can take the stress off them and make the whole process much more smooth. From the smallest of events, to holidays, gift wrap, and larger parties, we provide our clients with a service that is unmatched and the quality they are looking for.

This New Years our resolution is a bit different. We just spent the last year focused on further building the events “Side” of our business and specifically planning at home events, and this year we want to keep our focus where it is while adding even more events each month. As you can tell from all that we are posting lately, we are crazy busy and already have many events in the books for 2020, but putting this out into the universe once more … We do have some open spaces to fill! For more information and to book our events services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: January boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Lauren

Make new goals and get rid of the old … One is silver and the other’s gold! Ok, super lame, but now I have your attention! I am all about setting goals this January / New Year both personal and professional and want you all to take this advice … Set goals for your house or event and crush them! Follow your dreams for how you would like these spaces to look. The sky’s the limit! Here is a list of ten items that are personal favorites of mine (in case you need a place to start)! Don’t worry … I included a link to make getting each item that much easier. Enjoy!

Interior Items

Milano Chandelier Brass with Lucite Accents – Clayton Gray Home – $1,155

Rivulet Gold Stainless Steel Upholstered Velvet Bar Stool – Modern in Designs – $485 

Aqua Virgo Dining Table – CB2 – $599

Marble Flatware Tray – Williams Sonoma – $89.95

Blanca Glass Canisters by Guzzini – The Container Store – $15.99 – $22.99 each

Event Items

Cheers Classic Balloon Mix – Bonjour Fete – $14

MerryNine Paper Garland – Amazon – $12.99 for a pack of 5

Finessa Dinner Plates – Williams Sonoma – $35 – $140 each

Kaloh Dinner Plates / Pink – West Elm – on sale for $8 – $32 each

Balloon Tassels – Etsy (ModParty) – $8.95

Start the New Year off right by setting goals and bringing the right interior and event items into your space. Happy New Year from Side by Side Design!


Written by: Tami

How did you ring in the new year for 2020? We kept it simple this year … Lauren had a few other families over for dinner, drinks, and an early ball drop, and my family did the same at a friend’s house. But first, we got in one last event set up of the year! A roaring 20’s New Year’s event at Braemar Country Club

For this event, our focus was on decor and as it was New Year’s we made sure to pull out all of the stops! We set up a prop station next to their photo booth for 20’s inspired fedoras, feathered tiaras, and lots of pearls. Each guest was encouraged to dress up for this fun themed event, and as they were able to keep these hats throughout the night definitely looked the part.

Each table was dressed up as well … In black or gold sequins! We just couldn’t help ourselves!

Centerpieces were created with a gold charger as each base, a glass vase full of ostrich feathers, more pearls, party horns, and lots of candle light. We love how these napkins were folded providing us the perfect place to leave each guest a noisemaker to blow when the clock struck twelve!

Cocktail tables were the perfect place for sequin runners and “midnight kisses” …

… and the buffet was dressed up as well! We added more tall feather arrangements, and don’t you just love a good gold lamè fabric?

We know each guest had a grand old time celebrating New Year’s at Braemar, and that our decor was a nice pairing to all that they had planned … A speakeasy bar, casino games, DJ, dancing, delicious catered cuisine, and more. This last photo was our favorite detail. Beautifully displayed champagne coups that no doubt were filled and enjoyed at midnight. Love it!

Interested in booking our event services this year? Contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com. We would love to hear from you and assist with all of your design needs!