Many people are happiest while on vacation, which is why it is so important to keep your travel memories in tact. Scrapbooking your travels will allow you to relive these memories (as seen in our previous post, Scrapbook Your Travels). Unfortunately, most people we know (us included) don’t have much time to scrapbook these days. Printing pictures, frequenting the craft store to purchase new materials, designing the perfect page … this is all super time consuming. Luckily, there are more than just a handful of companies out there that have made it extremely convenient to create a book of travel memories online.

mixbook 2

Recently, on a mission to create a travel book of her own, Tami found Mixbook. Her goal was to create a coffee table book full of memories from her Cancun trip a few months back (seen on our previous post, Travelling T Side: Cancun). She wanted the scrapbook feel without all the fuss …

mixbook 1

… Mission accomplished! Mixbook provides you with the ability to create your own layouts for each page as well as pre-existing layouts to use as a template. This helps to keep things consistent as you go along. It has a large variety of fonts and really allows you to customize your book to bring your vision to life. Here is a glimpse at what Tami created with some of her own tips in case you are looking to make a Mixbook of your own:

mixbook 3

Creating the right look for the cover is key! In this case, Tami wanted her book to look like it belongs on a coffee table. A beautiful scenery shot seemed like the right fit and allowed her book to look more like an informational travel source and less like a traditional scrapbook. She added a catchy tagline and the year that they traveled. Tami’s hope is to create a coffee table book for each large trip that she and her beau take together, each with its own unique style.

mixbook 6

mixbook 5

As we mentioned before, Mixbook provides many different layout opportunities. You can choose photos to take up a full page and others to overlap in any shape and size. We love how they allow you to mix color with black and white photos and print with cursive fonts for contrast.

mixbook 4

This page was designed to show off an exceptional dining experience. Tami placed small square photos on the side to show herself and Phil enjoying their meal and underneath was each of their favorite bite (For Phil, a tender filet mignon, and Tami sure did love her mussels!).

mixbook 14

mixbook 15

mixbook 7

A three page spread showcases a spectacular day trip to Chichen Itza. It goes without saying that these days of sight seeing will lend themselves to lots of different poses and architectural shots. Tami wanted to use her space wisely, and fit in all of her favorite shots.

mixbook 8

Glamour shots need a place too … Why else would you get all dressed up, if it isn’t to document it?

mixbook 13

mixbook 12

Another day trip, and lots of photos to share. Tami wanted to capture Phil’s whole journey from the top of the zip line to his splash in the cenote (fresh water spring).

mixbook 11

A little love for the hotel you stay in is much appreciated! Why not showcase the view, your room, and all else that made this stay so magical for you?

mixbook 16

Where do you put all of those photos you take at the last minute (when you are eager to make the most of each final moment)? You know, you finally take your camera down to the water and make a point of asking that friendly couple to take your photo … How about this pose? Or this one? Are you annoyed yet? Tami made two pages at the back that captured these very moments … as it was “Time to leave, but first …

mixbook 9

… Let me take a selfie.”

What a great trip down memory lane! Tami is so grateful to Mixbook for allowing her the opportunity to look through these pages over and over again and share them with family and friends. She is even more grateful for the easy access this company provides to “scrapbooking” resources. Never again will Tami have to print, purchase, design … She can just simply turn on her computer and create right from there. If you haven’t already tried Mixbook, we sincerely encourage you to do so!


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