Scott and Lauren have made it a tradition to spend Valentine’s Day at home each year. Thus Lauren takes this as her opportunity to set the table beautifully while making a special meal for Scott. She has fun coming up with a menu consisting of food items that she does not regularly serve and a fun theme that will keep things exciting. Scott and Lauren wouldn’t exactly call themselves “campers”, but they can still appreciate the comforting feel of a campfire with s’mores. So Lauren decided to use this concept for her Valentine’s theme last year. 
To keep things festive, Lauren set the table with a red tablecloth and lots of candlelight. Antique glass candle holders were mixed with mason jars to create a centerpiece.
Lauren’s menu consisted of camping favorites but with a gourmet twist.
To Drink: Strawberry Mint Lemonade in Mason Jars
Lauren did not use a recipe for this. She just sliced up strawberries and added them and some mint leaves to mason jars, then filled each one with store bought lemonade. 
Hot food off the grill! What’s not to love about camping?
Lauren changed this recipe just slightly. She did not make it in the slow cooker and she did not purée it either. She made it more like a vegetable soup with a tomato broth.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup screams comfort!
The ultimate campfire treat!
Handmade valentines (seen on our previous post Craft Club: Valentines) from Lauren and their little girl were waiting for Scott when he got home from work. Of course, Lauren couldn’t let her first Valentine’s Day go by without Ava getting a little note as well.
Lauren plans to keep this tradition going this year by making dinner on February 14th, but is thinking to change it up a bit and add a little Asian twist. Whatever you plan to do with your Valentine this year, remember that what is really important is that you make the day special and show them how much you really love them!

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